How to Encourage Your Partner to Eat Healthy with You

If you’re starting to eat healthier, but your partner is falling behind, here are five tips to encourage your partner to eat healthy with you!

Having a partner is a great thing. You get to spend your time with your significant other doing everything that you love together.

It is completely normal to want your partner to take care of their health just like you do. You probably feel good by eating healthy and would like your lover to feel the same way. After all, you want to share a healthy future.


That means you want a happily ever after that lasts many years. However, when you see your partner munching on fried chicken with grease all over his/ her face, you will be brought back to reality.

But, there is no need to worry because it is possible to get your partner to start eating healthy with you. This post will help you encourage your partner so that you both can lead healthy lives.

1. Never Scare, Guilt, or Force Them


If you truly want your partner to eat healthy with you, you cannot scare, guilt or force them.

Remember, when you force someone to do something, it will only backfire and they will end up doing the complete opposite. That means more fried chicken and less of broccoli.


Guilt tricks never work long-term. Your partner should want to eat healthily and not be forced to do so, There is no need to nag them.

2. Take Small Steps at a Time


When you want a long-term change in behavior, small steps at a time are the only way to go. Your partner is an adult and not a child.

He or she knows right from wrong. Do not treat your significant other like a child. Eating healthy might be new to them and it might take some time for their taste buds to adjust to vegetables.


Start slow by adding more vegetables to their burger or steak. Share salads with them and let them know how good you feel when you eat it.

3. Healthy Sauce


Guys seem to love their sauce and so do many women. This means that they end up putting a lot of sauce on their food. However, it is not a healthy habit to do so.

Therefore, switch the sauces with healthier options such as homemade mayo, ketchup or syrup. There are many healthier alternatives to ranch sauce.

4. Know How They Feel


If you want your relationship to work you need to be completely honest with your partner and vice-versa. The same applies to get them to eat healthily.


Ask them what they like and change recipes according to your partner’s tastes and preferences. It will go a long way to getting them to eat healthily. Recipes can also be changed.

5. Lead by Example


Finally, the best way to encourage your partner is by showing them how energetic and good you feel because of eating healthy.

Lead by example and he or she will quickly follow. When your partner sees your healthy habits, they will want to adopt them as well.

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