Why You Should Add Oatmeal to Your Diet

Oatmeal is known to help diabetes, lower cholesterol, and it is a quick, easy, and filling meal to make. Find out the health benefits here.

Oatmeal provides many health benefits. It is a great go-to food for people with diabetes.

However, the amount of oatmeal should be controlled. A cup of cooked oatmeal has about 30 grams of carbohydrates which can easily fit into the diet plan of people with diabetes.

What is Inside Oatmeal?


Oatmeal is normally considered as a breakfast food. It is made of oat kernels. Oatmeal is either chopped, rolled or instant.

The more processed the oats, the less time they will require to be digested. This would lead to blood sugar potentially increasing at a fast rate.

Oatmeal is generally cooked with liquid. It is served warm and has add-ins such as fruit, sweeteners or nuts.


A good thing about oatmeal is that it can be made at night and reheated in the morning for a fast and easy breakfast.

Since oatmeal has a much lower glycemic index, it tends to be a healthier alternative to other breakfast choices like cold cereal which has added sugar, pancakes with syrup and bread with jelly.


Anyone with diabetes can test their blood glucose levels after trying different types of breakfast to find out how their blood sugar responds.

Oatmeal promotes heart health. Thus, it is vital for people who are prone to heart disease or have diabetes.

Health Benefits of Oatmeal


There are various advantages of oatmeal in your diet. It allows you to better manage diabetes. The benefits of oatmeal are explained below.

1. Regulates Blood Sugar

When you consume oatmeal, it helps regulate your blood sugar. It is all due to the lower glycemic index and moderate to high fiber content.

2. Heart-Healthy

Oatmeal is known to be heart-healthy because of its soluble fiber. It helps lower cholesterol levels.


3. Reduces the Need for Insulin Injections

Consumption of oatmeal reduces your need for insulin injections. It should be eaten instead of other carbohydrate-rich breakfasts.

4. Easy Meal

There is no denying that oatmeal is one of those meals that is easy to cook and it only takes minimal time.


5. Moderately High In Fiber

Oatmeal is moderately high in fiber. It makes you feel full for a longer period. This helps with weight management.


6. Provides Long-Term Energy

Since oatmeal consists of fiber, it ensures that you have a good source of long-term energy.

7. Regulates Digestion

Oatmeal contains a good amount of fiber. It aids indigestion. Anyone with constipation issues should eat oatmeal.


Normally, oatmeal is consumed by people with diabetes. There aren’t many cons to eating oatmeal.

However, if you choose instant oatmeal, it will your spike blood sugar levels as it consists of a good amount of added sugar. Keep in mind not to consume too much oatmeal in a single seating.

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