How to Avoid Stress Eating

Take charge of your bad eating habits and learn how to avoid stress eating. These tips will help you to develop a better relationship with food and avoid overeating.

Stress eating or emotional eating is more common than you think. We have all been there when college life became too stressful.

In such times, eating might seem like the only way to regain your sanity. However, stress eating leads to overeating which is bad for your body. This guide will help you stop stress eating.

Find Out Your Stress Eating Patterns


The worst part about stress eating is that you might not even realize that you are doing it.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to whenever you start to stress out as it would trigger your stress eating habits. Try to notice any patterns and stay on alert if you notice similar situations.


First, identify your triggers. Is it a specific situation or place which makes you want to reach out for food? It could be study sessions or social gatherings.

Food might be providing you with emotional relief from stress and boredom. Do not suppress any unhealthy emotions such as shame, anxiety or anger.

Have a food and mood diary in place to keep track of the times when you overeat. If you see yourself reaching for comfort food, try to find out what triggered it.

Ask Yourself if You Are Hungry


Most of the time when stress eating, people tend to eat even though they are not physically hungry. You may misread emotional hunger for physical hunger. You might want to eat just like those feelings of guilt or insecurity kick in.


Ask yourself whether you feel hungry or don’t know what better thing to do. Only eat when your stomach is fairly empty. However, make sure to eat on time and have an eating time table in place.

Sometimes, we tend to eat more when we are hungry. So, find out ways to eat light throughout the day so that you don’t eat a lot.

Choose Foods Wisely


If you start to feel hungry in the middle of studying, don’t reach for that bag of cookies or gummy bears, instead, eat a carrot or an apple.

You can replace bad stress eating habits with goods ones. It will make a huge difference. You might end up feeling much better.


Do not fall into the habit of eating sugary food as it only causes more stress and the cycle keeps on repeating itself.

Deep Breathing


Accept it, life can be overwhelming at times. Nobody has a perfect life, not even Shawn Mendes. Even he suffers from anxiety.


It is all part of life. Instead, you should develop the habit of deep breathing. It will allow you to calm down and relax instead of munching on those fattening cookies. You could even give yoga a try.

Have Some Tea


Sometimes all you need is a warm cup of tea. Brits and Pakistanis swear by this because they know that a cup of tea is all one needs.


Tea helps calm your nerves. Black tea is particular reduces cortisol levels which cause stress and even weight gain.

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