8 Health Benefits of Ginger: Add it to Your Holiday Recipes

Add ginger to your holiday recipes for an instant health boost! Ginger proves that foods can taste great and still be healthy!

Ginger is one of the most consumed spices in the world. It is packed with bioactive compounds and nutrients which are very beneficial for your brain and body.

This post looks at the many health benefits of ginger that are backed by scientific research.

1. Contains Gingerol


Ginger originates from China. It is a flowering plant. Ginger is closely related to turmeric, galangal, and cardamom and it belongs to the Zingiberaceae family.

The underground part of the stem is normally used as a spice and is referred to as ginger root. With a long history of use as traditional medicine, ginger is used in many forms.

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It helps reduce nausea, improves digestion and fights off the flu. Ginger can be used as an oil, powder, juice, dried or fresh. Even cosmetics use ginger.

The unique flavor of ginger is due to its natural oils, especially gingerol. It is responsible for its medicinal properties and offers antioxidant, as well as anti-inflammatory effects.

2. Treats Morning Sickness & Many Forms of Nausea


Ginger is extremely effective at fighting nausea. It has been used as a sea sickness remedy throughout history. Ginger might also relieve vomiting and nausea after surgery.

It is most effective at taking care of morning sickness or pregnancy-related nausea. However, make sure to speak with the doctor before consuming a lot of ginger if you are pregnant.

3. Reduces Muscle Soreness & Pain


Known for being the best medicine when it comes to treating exercise-induced muscle pain, ginger reduces muscle pain significantly.

It might not have an immediate effect, but daily consumption will have an overall impact on muscle pain.

4. Helps with Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis causes symptoms such as joint stiffness and pain. People that consume ginger extract will experience less pain and would need less medication.


Osteoarthritis patients would be glad to know that a combination of ginger, sesame oil, cinnamon, and mastic will help reduce stiffness and pain if it is applied topically.

5. Improves Heart Disease Risk Factors & Lowers Blood Sugar


Ginger has powerful anti-diabetic properties. However, this area of research is rather new.

People that consume ginger daily will notice that their blood sugar will decrease and their HbA1c will drastically improve. Patients of type 2 diabetes will find ginger to be a lifesaver.

6. Treats Chronic Indigestion


Dyspepsia or chronic indigestion is characterized by discomfort and recurrent pain in your upper part of the stomach.

The main cause of indigestion is a delay in emptying of the stomach. Ginger helps speed up the emptying of the stomach.

7. Reduces Menstrual Pain


Menstrual pain is the pain that is felt by women during their menstrual cycle. Ginger offers pain relief to menstrual pain. It is almost as effective as ibuprofen.

8. Lowers Cholesterol Levels


High cholesterol levels are linked with an increased risk of developing heart disease.

When you take ginger every day, you will see a significant reduction in cholesterol levels. It leads to a reduction in blood triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels.

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