Differences Between Natural Sugar and Artificial Sugar

Take charge and know what kind of sugar you’re consuming every day and how natural sugar can be a better option.

Sugar in every form is a simple carbohydrate which is converted by the body into glucose. It is used for energy.

However, the effect of eating sugar on your body and overall health entirely depends on the type of sugar consumed, that is to say, natural or refined. This post looks at the differences between these two sugar types.

Understanding Sugars


Natural sugar is found in fruit as fructose and as the lactose in milk and cheese. Foods that have natural sugar play an important role in your diet, this is especially true for cancer patients or anyone trying to prevent cancer.

Natural sugar offers essential nutrients which keep the body healthy and help fight off diseases.


On the other hand, refined sugar is made from sugar beets or sugar cane. It is processed to extract the sugar. Thus, it is found as sucrose which is a combination of fructose and glucose.

Brown and white sugars are used to sweeten our cereals, coffee, cookies, and cakes. Chemically produced sugar is added by food manufacturers in foods and beverages, including salad dressing, tomato sauce, flavored yogurt, and crackers.

The worst offenders are low-fat foods as manufacturers use sugar to provide flavor.

1. Calories


One of the main differences between natural sugar and artificial sugar is that artificial sugar contains a lot more calories which are of little nutritional value.

While, natural sugar does not provide a lot of calories. If you are someone who is looking to lose weight than artificial sugar should be avoided at all costs.

2. Metabolism


The way your body metabolizes natural sugar and artificial sugar differ significantly. Refined sugar is broken down by the body quickly which causes blood sugar and insulin levels to skyrocket.

Since refined sugar is digested rapidly, one would not feel full even after having eaten. It does not matter how many calories had been consumed.

Whereas, the fiber found in natural sugar (fruit) slows down metabolism as the fruit expands in the gut to make you feel full.


However, there is a caveat. Once the sugar has passed the stomach and reached the small intestine, it does not matter whether it came from an orange or a soft drink.

The amount of sugar already in your blood determines how the body uses it. If your body already has a lot of sugar, then whenever you digest sugar, it will be formed into glycogen or fat.

Glycogen is the storage form of glucose which is used for quick energy when needed.

3. Cancer


When looking at the differences between natural sugar and artificial sugar, it is important to look at the diseases or the risk of such diseases caused by artificial sugar.

We consume more refined sugar today than ever before. It has resulted in an increase in obesity rates among children and adults.

Obesity is associated with certain cancers such as pancreatic, colorectal, uterine, prostate and breast cancers. While, on the other hand, fruits have antioxidants which reduce the risk of cancer.


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