5 Tips to Teach Kids Healthy Eating Habits

Make sure you’re developing healthy eating habits with your kids with these five easy tips.

Children are a bundle of joy. We all love our kids but sometimes it can be extremely difficult to get them to do what is right. Getting your kids to eat healthy food is not an easy task.

They are quick to say “no” to a plate of salad or veggies. Nutrition is vital when it comes to kids. Mealtime battles are a common reality throughout the world. Parents can be found negotiating with their kids to eat healthy in return for a treat.


So, if you are a frazzled parent, a childcare provider or a preschool teacher, this guide will help you get children excited about eating healthy food and following healthy habits. The tips mentioned in this post will help get those picky eaters to eat healthy food.

1. Offer Choices


Kids hate being forced to do something. They want to establish their independence. This is especially true when it comes to the kitchen table.

However, when you apply peanut butter to celery and apple slices, kids will want to eat healthy food. Provide some autonomy to your kids. Make your child feel as if it was their idea to try a healthy or new dish.

2. Get Your Kids to Make Their Plates


Since kids love to be independent, you should let them take control of preparing their plate. It will allow them to feel more interested in trying healthy foods.

It might take some attempts, but when you give autonomy to children, they might turn out to be more responsible than you think. Meals should normally include milk, fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates and protein.

3. Introduce Gateway Foods


Children are naturally curious and want to try new things. This also applies to healthy foods. This is why you need to combine new foods with healthier options.

Watch as your child gets excited about starting healthy habits. Introduce healthy food such as proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Get them to start early on so that their habits can be changed easily.

If they have a difficult time trying new food, pair the food with something they love. For instance, kids might not like carrot sticks, but you can try adding some dipping sauce with it.

4. Snack Smarter


Little ones love their snacks just as much as we adults do. However, the snacks must be healthy. Snack portions should be small for kids.

Try to limit the timing of consuming snacks as they would run the child’s appetite during lunch or dinner. If your child is hungry while the meal is being prepared, then you can give them a bit of the food.

Healthy snacks such as unsalted popcorn, gapes, and carrot with hummus, nuts, apple slices and whole-grain crackers with cheese should be given.

5. Include Kids When Cooking


Kids are always curious about trying new things and learning how to do different things. This is why it is a great idea to include kids while cooking.

It allows them to understand what ingredients are involved and how much fun it can be help parents out while a healthy meal is prepared. They can also be told about the different nutrients in the food.

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