25 DIY Easter Egg Ideas to Dip, Dye, and Decorate

Discover new decorating and dyeing techniques for all your Easter Egg needs this Spring. These DIY Easter Eggs range from classy to quirky and will be a ton of fun to create.

Easter Eggs are a traditional Easter craft and decoration because of how fun they are to make and how beautiful they can turn out. Kids can have fun with dyeing techniques and adults can get crazy with paints and decorations!

Here’s another collection of Adorable Easter Egg Decorations for Kids!

Article Image From: A Kailo Chic Life

1. Modern Easter Eggs


These classy eggs are gilded, crackled, and brushed to create three different modern egg designs. They’re all statement pieces for those who like the modern touches in their home.

From: Lily Ardor

2. Floral Decoupage Easter Eggs


Make some gorgeous decoupage Easter eggs! They would look amazing in a bowl on the kitchen counter for Easter decor. Get the kids involved too!

From: Crafty Mornings

3. Simple, Dyed Easter Eggs


Dying Easter eggs with food coloring is easy and makes bright beautiful eggs! No need to run to the store and buy an expensive egg dying kit! With a few ingredients, already in your cupboard, you have all you need for coloring Easter eggs!

From: Skip to my Lou

4. Chalk Paint Easter Eggs


Upcyling my own plastic eggs totally worked out and I’m thrilled with the results of my DIY Chalk Paint Eggs. They look just like speckled eggs you can buy at the store.

From: The Mom of the Year

5. Pastel Memphis Easter Eggs


To make them a bit more Easter and spring feeling, I went for a mix of pastels and OMG are they so GOOD! And like always, the process is as easy as painting on eggs, so you really must give them a go.

From: A Kailo Chic Life

6. Simple & Minimal Easter Eggs


Are you ready for Easter? Decorated the eggs? Put up some cute bunnies?? Start with some minimal Easter Eggs that look great, but don’t take a ton of effort to make.

From: Kreativ K

7. Blueberry Dyed Easter Eggs


From red cabbage to tumeric, you can make a homemade dye out of tons of ingredients in your kitchen. I’ve always loved the look of blue chicken’s eggs and little blue robin’s eggs so I decided to dye all of my eggs blue this year.

From: Freut Cake

8. Natural Brown Easter Eggs


I found a non-toxic white paint pen that miraculously still worked, and went to town on those pretty brown eggs. They are so nice looking, maybe we don’t have to dye any at all this year.

From: Live Well Travel Often

9. Whipped Cream Dyed Easter Eggs


This year we wanted to try a few different things. Dying easter eggs with whipped cream seemed like an easy way to color eggs without the big mess of other ways.

From: My Home Based Life

10. Glitter Easter Eggs


I blew out a pile of eggs and then went for a metallic dipping effect and the eggs turned out SOOOO pretty. Would you like to make some glitter Easter eggs?

From: Girl Inspired

11. DIY Pantone Easter Eggs


The graphic designer in me couldn’t resist attempting faux Pantone Easter eggs. I dyed these boiled eggs by standing them vertically in small cups of dye. Then I typed up the labels and printed them on ink jet temporary tattoo paper. Super simple!

From: Home About Orange

12. Instagram-Worthy Gold Leaf Easter Eggs


Everybody loves coloring Easter eggs, but let’s be real, dunking eggs in food coloring every year can get a little tired. If you and your kids are looking for something a little more interesting this year, DIY golden Easter eggs will totally do the trick.

From: She Knows

13. Tissue Paper Easter Eggs


The eggs are beautiful and add a quirky flash of color to our kitchen table! I purchased paper mache eggs from a local craft store. Decoupage is a forgiving technique for little ones and you can bet it has potential to turn into a sticky, colorful mess. That’s what makes it fun!

14. DIY Dyed Robin Eggs


It only makes sense that the magnificent turquoise hue can be replicated using a single product of nature: red cabbage. You won’t believe it until you try it. You’ll be hooked.

From: Honestly Yum

15. Tie Dye Easter Eggs


Although I designed this activity for young kids it’s a pretty cool new way to decorate Easter eggs for any age (adults included!) The eggs turned out beautiful and bright and unwrapping each one is a fun surprise.

From: A Little Pinch of Perfect

16. Water Marble Easter Eggs


I am always on the hunt for unique egg decorating ideas and now I am dying to try these! Note that you will want to do this activity with older kids since you are using nail polish.

From: Throne Thimble

17. Galaxy Easter Egg


Make some galaxy Easter eggs that are out of this world! All it takes is a little bit of paint. Easy enough for beginners!

From: Dream a Little Bigger

18. Rice Shake Easter Eggs


Looking for a little less mess this year? ! Grab a bag of rice for a buck at the dollar store and have fun! After the rice is dry, pour it into a tub to make a sensory bin for the kids.

From: Crafty Morning

19. Beautiful Floral Easter Eggs


These are some of the prettiest eggs I’ve ever seen, and they are so easy to make! No dye, no mess, no artistic talent required. Just a page of free printable watercolor flowers and a secret weapon: temporary tattoo paper.

From: It’s Always Autumn

20. Shaving Cream Easter Eggs


Decorate a batch of hard-boiled eggs with this fun twist on the traditional. Instead of using vinegar, foamy shaving cream makes a perfect medium for swirly food coloring.

From: The Good Stuff

21. Gold Animal Easter Eggs


I hope you love this Golden Animal Easter Eggs DIY as much as I do. The design is so clean and simple, yet whimsical and happy making!

From: Flax & Twine

22. DIY Contemporary Easter Eggs


These budget-friendly contemporary Easter egg decorations were inspired by a) the stylish simplicity of black & white b) my unceasing appetite for things a little bit different and c) a distinct lack of time.

From: Suzy Homemaker UK

23. Feather Easter Eggs


I love Feathers. They’re pretty. I love Easter, Dresses, spring, Easter hats, chocolate. So why not combine two things that work well together.

From: Frugal Mom Eh!

24. Hipster Easter Eggs


These Easter eggs are SO. MUCH. FUN. and thanks to printable tattoo paper they’re extremely easy to make. Younger kids will be excited about the chance to give their eggs a tattoo, while older kids and teens will love the hipster-ish designs.

From: One Good Thing

25. DIY Tropical Leaf Easter Eggs


These DIY tropical leaf Easter eggs are fun and festive, and the combination of pink and green is absolutely perfect for early Spring! All it takes is our printable template, tissue paper or temporary tattoo paper, some Modge Podge – and you’re good to go!

From: Oh So Beautiful Paper

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  1. These are some really neat ideas! I have always loved doing this but never stepped out of the box to try something different. I may look into doing some of these.

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