20 DIY Easy Spring Wreaths to Dress Up Your Front Porch

If you’re lacking in porch decor and want to add a bit of Spring flare, simply make one of these easy DIY Spring wreaths! They’re sure to create a welcoming feel to your home.

Spring is my favorite season for many reasons and one of them is the gorgeous, floral decor it inspires! Wreaths are a simple way to dress up the outside of your home if it seems to lack that springy look, especially when all the grass and flowers are dead from a brutal winter.

Once you’ve completed the outside of your home decor for the Spring, here are some Beautiful Spring Home Tours to inspire you to decorate the inside!

Article Image From: Delia Creates


1. DIY Modern Spring Floral Wreath


Tell me these roses don’t look real. They even feel real. I don’t usually get fake flowers, but for these I make an exception. I felt like they were just begging to be made into a beautiful wreath.

From: Delia Creates

2. DIY Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Style Wreath


This Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Style Wreath has been welcoming spring from my porch for a week now. Do you ever feel like when you break out the decor for a particular season it makes that season feel closer? That’s what I was going for here.

From: Lydi Out Loud

3. DIY Spring Tulip Wreath


Make this easy, DIY Spring Tulip Wreath for your front door. Tulips can be found at any craft store in a wide selection of colors to match your own decor.

From: On Sutton Place

4. DIY Spring Carrot Door Hanger


I’ve decided to get a little jump on my Easter decor by adding a spring carrot door hanger. It was super easy to make and I know you’ll want to know how I whipped it up, so scroll down and I’ll give you all the details!

From: Love The Tompkins

5. DIY Mini Flower Pot Spring Wreath


I just made the cutest wreath!! I had a vision of little pots all lined up with paper flowers, and it turned out so great – love it! I’ve never seen anything like this wreath before.

From: Sugar Bee Crafts

6. The Easiest DIY Spring Wreath


I have to share this super easy DIY spring wreath. I love moss. I don’t know what it is about it but it’s just so pretty to me. Turns out it’s pretty easy to work with also.

From: Pretty Real

7. DIY Monogram Flower Spring Wreath


This DIY Wreath is completely customizable to any letter! So everyone can have a beautifully monogrammed wreath. It’s as simple as cutting foam, wrapping it an wire, and then adding loads of flowers!

From: Daisy Mae Belle

8. DIY Spring Butterfly Wreath


I love to hang a lot of my wreaths indoors, and this one is looking great on the door out to our balcony! The wreath uses a boxwood garland that looks like the real deal! I also dotted the wreath with some faux baby’s breath.

From: Design Improvised

9. DIY Garden Hose Spring Wreath


To say this is my favorite-ist wreath of all time is an understatement. I have been longing to make this wreath for almost a year now! If I could get something to grow half as pretty as this wreath, I would be thrilled!

From: Create Craft Love

10. DIY Farmhouse Lavender Wreath


To show off these gorgeous flowers (and, apparently, my new-found ability to keep a plant alive), I decided to make a DIY farmhouse lavender wreath!

From: Temperance Rose

11. DIY Floral Embroidery Hoop Wreath


Umm, hello amazingly cute wreath! I am seriously in love with this wreath. Borderline obsessed. The coral flowers are perfect for Spring or Summer. I believe the center flower is some sort of rose and the two side flowers are peonies. The leaves are from the rose stem.

From: Craftaholics Anonymous

12. DIY Pink & Blue Easy Spring Wreath


This is the sweetest pink & blue, easy spring wreath for your home! Even if making wreaths isn’t a strong point for you, you’ll still be able to master this one because of how little work it requires.

From: Artsy Chicks Rule

13. DIY Tulip Wreath


Make this stunning tulip wreath and add a burst of spring to your front door! This clever technique is actually quite simple, no crafty skills required!

From: The How-To Mom

14. DIY Silk Flower Wreath


Looking for ways to decorate your home for every season? Follow this simple DIY and learn how to make a wreath for your door. This tutorial will show you how to use artificial eucalyptus and silk flowers to create an effortlessly gorgeous wreath.

From: Afloral

15. DIY Spring Tulip Wreath


Are you feeling it?? Spring is around the corner, just begging to pop in! I jumped right in and made a Spring Tulip Wreath – and I’m in love with it!

From: Sugar Bee Crafts

16. DIY Hydrangea Wreath


The temps around here are telling me it’s Spring and that’s all that matters! So….today I’m sharing a pretty (and super simple to throw together) DIY Hydrangea Wreath.

From: Artsy Chicks Rule

17. DIY 5 Minute Dollar Store Forsythia Wreath


Nothing shouts out Spring’s arrival in quite the same way as Forsythia. This year I thought I would add a bit of that cheery yellow to our front door – with this super quick and easy spring forsythia wreath.

From: The Happy Housie

18. DIY Flower Ribbon Wreath


Recreate this elegant Spring wreath at home with a few simple supplies. This is a fun one for those who like customizable wreaths that can be styled with any beautiful flowers you’d like.

From: Once Wed

19. DIY Moss & Twine Birdhouse Wreath

Craftiments Moss Twine Birdhouse Spring Wreath 2.JPG

I wanted to try my hand at making a moss covered wreath. I simply glued sheet moss to a straw wreath form and wrapped it randomly with jute twine. I made sure to use natural moss and not the dyed variety because I did not want my door to be streaked green after it rained.

From: Craftiments

20. DIY April Showers Umbrella Wreath


This is brilliant and so beautiful!! Depart from the traditional wreaths and simply find a large umbrella, fill it with your favorite flowers, and tie it off with an adorable, bright ribbon.

From: Random Thoughts Home

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