21 Easter Cupcakes for Fun Spring Baking

Easter means it’s time to break out tons of adorable baking treats for Easter parties and brunches. These Easter Cupcakes are perfect for a fun day of Spring baking!

Cupcakes are great for bakers of all levels because the base isn’t complicated to make and they can be decorated in and endless number of ways! Try out a simple robin’s nest and top it with some eggs or go all out with your own Easter bunny design. Whatever you choose, I hope you have fun!

If you want more recipes for Easter baking, here’s a collection of Adorable Easter Treats & Desserts!

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1. DIY Sparkling Surprise Carrot Cupcakes


In a few days, Peter Cottontail will be hoppin’ down the bunny trail… so we better have some carrots ready for him! But not just any carrots. Really, how many boring carrots can one bunny eat? I say we go for sparkling carrots with a surprise inside!

From: Hostess with the Mostess

2. Carrot Cake Cupcakes


Carrot Cake Cupcakes are so moist and fluffy and have a not-too-sweet cream cheese frosting on top! Made completely from scratch with lots of grated carrots these cupcakes are so easy to make and perfect for Easter!

From: Plated Cravings

3. Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes


Cadbury creme egg cupcakes with a delicious chocolate sponge and two superlicious icing choices: chocolate and lemon. This is seriously the most delicious Easter treat ever! Sharing, although always encouraged, is optional in this case.

From: My Gorgeous Recipes

4. Blooming Easter Cupcakes


Looking for sweet Easter cupcake ideas to make this year? Look no further than these Blooming Easter Cupcakes. Topped with simple piped flowers and candy bunny ears, these Easter cupcakes are a spring floral fantasy!

From: Wilton

5. Cute Little Chick Cupcakes


The recipe made a nice thick batter which is great for making perfectly uniform cupcakes. Same for the frosting. They look like they’re straight out of a magazine!

From: Sweet Sugar Belle

6. Bunny Face Cakes


Bunny fun all around! These cupcakes scream Easter and are made with a classic buttercream flavor. The ears are molded out of fondant and are a fun project for kids and teens alike!

From: Bakerella

7. Bird’s Nest Cupcakes


Bird’s Nest Cupcakes are the perfect Easter treat! I’m like a little kid on Christmas morning full of excitement over these cupcakes! Are they not so fun?

From: Cooking Classy

8. Tulip Cupcakes


Top of these cute Easter cakes with a tiny tulip cookie! These are great for those of you who want a simpler cupcake design without bunnies or chicks.

From: Country Living

9. Easter Basket Cupcakes


Make these adorable Easter Basket Cupcakes this Spring! Follow the easy video tutorial for a fun project to work on with your kids or grandkids. Use your favorite cupcakes along with this fabulous American-Style Buttercream, for an unforgettable holiday treat!

From: Baking a Moment

10. Pull Apart Easter Bunny Cupcake Cake


For Easter this year, make this adorable Easter bunny pull-apart cupcake cake with your kids! It’s the perfect dessert to set out for your party. All you need are 12 cupcakes to make this little guy!

From: A Crafty Morning

11. Bunny Butt Cupcakes


These adorable and delicious bunny butt cupcakes are the perfect treat for Easter and easier to make than you might think!

From: Preppy Kitchen

12. Bunny Ear Cupcakes


Get ready for Easter and Spring with these super simple (and super adorable) Easter Bunny Ear Cupcakes. Are you ready to get your kiddos in the kitchen and make some together? Let’s go!

From: My Kitchen Escapades | This Grandma is Fun

13. White Chocolate Easter Egg Cupcakes


White Chocolate Easter Egg Cupcakes are the perfect cute and yummy treat for your Easter celebration. The cake of these cupcakes is amazingly fluffy and moist.

From: Garnish & Glaze

14. Lamb Cupcakes


Plain cupcakes are transformed into a trio of lovable Easter friends with this easy cupcake DIY. This is for a cute, lil’ fluffy lamb! Let your creativity “spring” to life!

From: Hallmark

15. Happy Bunny Cupcakes


These cupcakes are filled with a funfetti cake mix and topped with creamy white frosting! The ears are made with marshmallows too. What a delicious and creative way to make adorable bunnies!

From: Pillsbury

16. Robin’s Nest Cupcakes


Dark, rich, chocolate cupcakes topped with buttery chocolate frosting make for the most decadent Robins’ Nest Cupcakes. Plus they’re so easy to make. They are the perfect spring or Easter treat!

From: The Crafting Foodie

17. Adorable Mini Speckled Egg Cakes


I literally squealed out loud when I finished this first mini speckled egg cake and took a step back to look at it. They’re adorable, teal, floral and oh-so-perfect for a number of different occasions this spring season.

From: Angean

18. Chocolate Bunny Treat Cupcakes


If you’re not baking inclined, (such as myself) this recipe is perfect! Easy to make, insanely delicious, and if I can make these cupcakes look super cute… so can you. Happy Easter, ya’ll.

From: Hapa Nom Nom

19. Flower Cupcakes


Flowers are something that make me really happy, so I thought that it would be fun to try making a flower cupcake garden for Easter! You can make many beautiful flowers just by changing your piping tip.

From: Baked Bree

20. Reese’s Cup Easter Bunny Cupcakes


No Easter would be complete without some chocolate bunnies so I crafted these Reese’s Cup Easter Bunny Cupcakes that you can make and share with friends and family.

From: Hungry Happenings

21. Easter Bunny Peeps Cupcakes


These cute Easter Bunny Cupcakes are easy to make and look fabulous on your table for Easter dinner. Plus, kids love to help make them! What I like the most is that they are pretty easy to make, and forgiving if you aren’t a natural baker.

From: Mommy Savers

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