25 Adorable DIY Easter Egg Decorations for Kids

Make Easter the best day ever for you and your kids with these Adorable DIY Easter Egg Designs! They’re a fun craft and make for sweet Easter decorations. Have fun decorating!

Article Image From: Little Red Window

1. Easter Bunny Eggs


These cute little Easter Bunny Eggs are so charming and easy to make! They’re perfect to add to your list of Easter crafts to make this year!

From: Little Red Window

2. DIY Burger Easter Eggs


Time to turn Easter eggs into adorable looking food. Now we’re serving up some burger Easter eggs! You don’t even have to dye eggs for this one… you can just use brown ones! WOOOO!

From: Studio DIY

3. Woodland Animal Easter Egg Craft


I have a huge soft spot for Woodland Animal crafts and I wouldn’t typically associate this theme with Easter, however (and I’m sure you will agree), this adorable Woodland Animal Easter Egg Craft is totally worthy of breaking the rules.

From: Arty Crafty Kids

4. Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs


These super cute ice cream cone Easter eggs are simple to paint and require no dye. Choose any “flavor” you like. (Just be sure to use non-toxic paint, of course, if you plan on eating the eggs.)

From: The Decorated Cookie

5. Unicorn DIY Eggs


Today’s guest post is made using WOODEN eggs, which means you can get these lovely DIY Unicorns eggs out year after year. Aren’t they gorgeous??

From: Red Ted Art

6. DIY Bunny Tattoo Easter Eggs (Free Printable)


These adorable eggs are made with printable tattoo paper! So simple, right? And they come out looking like you hand painted them yourself!

From: Squirrelly Minds

7. DIY Ninja Easter Eggs

diy ninja easter eggs 6.jpg

Here is a fun craft to make this weekend: Ninja eggs! I’m pretty sure your kids are gonna love them! It’s quite simple, and you already have all the supplies: hard boil eggs, acrylic paint, a glue gun, ribbons and some tooth picks.

From: Ohoh Deco

8. DIY Baby Chick Easter Eggs


Decorating eggs might be my most favorite thing…ESPECIALLY when they look this adorable! These DIY baby chick Easter eggs are the cutest eggs around and soooo simple to make, you’re kids can join in the fun too!

From: Tell Love and Party

9. Pool Party Eggs


Swimming takes a lot of energy, and eggs are a great source of protein, so why not serve some swim-capped eggs before your next pool party or swim meet? They’re sure to make an otherwise typical breakfast a huge hit with the kiddos!

From: Handmade Charlotte

10. DIY Easter Egg Bunnies


Have you ever started making a craft, get carried away, and end up with way more of the stuff than you planned? Yeah… that would be me with these egg bunnies…

From: Urban Jane

11. DIY Easter Spirit Animals


This DIY features tons of different animals you and your kids can create out of a few simple craft supplies! Whether your animal ranges from a bunny to a unicorn, you’ll find an adorable tutorial here!

From: Darby Smart

12. DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs


Sprinkle Easter eggs….? Duh. Of course. They are bright, colorful, and just plain fun. And who doesn’t love sprinkles? (If you don’t, I am questioning your sanity).

From: Let’s Mingle

13. DIY Watermelon Easter Eggs


I’m going to show you how I created bright DIY watermelon Easter egg using gouache paints! The paints are your choice. You can use watercolor, acrylics, tempera etc.

From: Dawn Nicole

14. Cactus Easter Eggs


Just a little green egg dye and a fine black marker and voila…Cactus Easter Eggs! If your lines aren’t smooth or spaced perfectly, don’t fret! That just makes it look more like the real thing.

From: Delia Creates

15. Edible DIY Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs


But how fun are these!? And since everything is edible, it makes for a delicious good time! Turn the eggs into mini cakes and you have yourself the perfect non-traditional Easter dessert, my friends.

From: Studio DIY

16. Classic Bunny Easter Eggs DIY


One of my favorite parts of any holiday is getting to do fun crafts and projects. Especially when I can involve my toddler. That’s why I love this sweet and super simple DIY for decorating Easter eggs.

From: Bitte

17. Emoji Easter Eggs


Do your nieces and nephews get all egg-cited at the idea of decorating eggs for Easter? That’s good, because I’ve found the coolest Easter egg craft. Ever.

From: Studio DIY

18. Floral DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs


Are you on the unicorn trend yet? Those unicorn cakes, unicorn cupcakes, unicorn hair and unicorn hairbrushes just makes me happy! So now we turned our Easter eggs into a cute sleepy eye unicorn with pretty tiny flowers.

From: Little Inspiration

19. Chick Easter Eggs


This is definitely something you can whip together on the Saturday before Easter. This is an easy and cute way to dress up those Easter eggs.

From: It All Started With Paint

20. Watercolor Floral Eggs


These gorgeous eggs will make you want to decorate eggs every year! Your kids can even help with this simple design too! They’ll love it!

From: Dream a Little Bigger

21. Simple DIY Easter Eggs Inspired by Rae Dunn


Easy Easter DIY project using the Silhouette Cameo. These Rae Dunn inspired Easter Eggs are perfect for your farmhouse style decor!

From: Casa Moncada

22. DIY Strawberry Easter Eggs


Who says Easter eggs have to look like eggs? We definitely don’t! Mainly because these little cuties will bring a HUGE smile to the faces of our kids come Easter morning!

From: Style Me Pretty

23. Octopus Easter Eggs


We love traditions and we happily paint easter eggs each year. This year we paint the eggs with watercolor and turn them into cute octopuses.

From: The Crafty Swedes

24. Balloon Easter Eggs


We’re kicking it off today with these happiest-ever balloon eggs! Because sharing a birthday with a holiday can be a real bummer. These are an adorable idea for any Easter party.

From: A Joyful Riot

25. Animated Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs


I’m loving how my little kawaii style Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs turned out. Could they be any cuter?! I honestly can’t eat them because they’re just too adorable.

From: Kara’s Party Ideas

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