30 St. Patrick’s Day Green Drinks for Kids and Adults

Green drinks all around!! Here you’ll find tons of great kid friendly shakes and punches, along with adult-friendly green cocktails, shots, and more! They’re all sure to liven up your St. Patrick’s Day party.

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[Adult-Friendly Begins at #11]

1. St. Patrick’s Day Party 7Up Green Apple Lemonade Spritzer (adult version included)


A way to take any party over the top is with a 7UP Green Apple Lemonade Spritzer that is child friendly, plus, there’s an adult version, if needed. Yes, please! Let’s get this party started!

From: Simply Made Recipes

2. Simple St. Patrick’s Day Green Sherbet Punch


This is a great simple St. Patrick’s Day Green Punch to serve your little leprechauns at a party or just for fun. Just 2 ingredients. Simply lemon-lime soda and delicious sherbet ice cream!

From: To Simply Inspire

3. Evergreen Party Punch


A party isn’t complete without a drink. This bright green punch is perfect for feeding a crowd and can be thrown together in a matter of minutes. The color is so fun for St. Patrick’s Day.

From: Six Sisters’ Stuff

4. Lime Sherbet Floats


Green recipes for St Patrick’s Day are a must! These St Patrick’s Day Floats (Lime Sherbet Floats) are a quick and easy, kid-friendly tradition in our house.

From: Home Cooking Memories

5. St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Raspberry Lemonade


Quench the thirst of your little leprechauns with green-tinted raspberry lemonade. This is a great, simple drink for any St. Patrick’s Day party.

From: McCormick

6. Shamrock Shakes – 3 Ways (adult version included)


After a sip of one of these 3 green milkshakes, you’ll feel a lot luckier. Shamrock Shakes are a nice option when you want something a little cooler and creamier.

From: Tastemade

7. Green Mean Machines – Pinch Proof Punch

Share these with your friends and family to start a St. Patrick’s Day tradition.

From: So Festive

8. Rainbow Candy Shamrock Shake


At some point in time, a tasty, minty green milkshake became a classic St. Patrick’s Day treat. Add in a few rainbow candies from the leprechauns to make it a fun over-the-rainbow shamrock shake! The kids are SURE to love it!

From: Mom Endeavors

9. Shamrock Lime Sherbet Punch


This is one of our favorite drinks to make for a party or special occasion, there are so many varieties of this punch and they are all so amazingly delicious! This recipe for Shamrock Lime Sherbet Punch is so easy to make, and so tasty. I doubt there will be any left over.

From: The Crafted Sparrow

10. Mock McDonald’s Shamrock Shake


A thick, creamy, minty Shamrock Shake just like McDonalad’s! Make it at home any time of day! This shamrock shake is one milkshake worth getting brain freeze for!

From: Three Kids and a Fish

Adult Drinks:

11. Sour Apple Tequila Cocktail


Sweet n’ sour, with nuances of apple and lime, and a pretty green hue, this Lucky Shamrock is perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Channel your inner Irish spirit with this boozy Sour Apple Tequila Cocktail!

From: No Spoon Necessary

12. Crown Royal Caramel Regal Green Apple Shot


This St. Patrick’s Day, break out the green with a shot of Crown Royal Regal Apple. Simply dip your favorite shot glass in a shallow bowl or plate of caramel sauce and add 1.5 oz of Crown Royal Regal Apple!

From: Crown Royal

13. The Irish Mule


The Irish Mule is a refreshing cocktail made with ginger beer, lime juice and whiskey. Enjoy this on Saint Patrick’s Day or any time of year!

From: Fox and Briar

14. Irish Green Whiskey Smash


Here’s a great recipe for you lads and lasses, a Green Whiskey Smash. You don’t need any fancy equipment to make it, and you’ll feel like quite the accomplished home bartender when you shake up a round for your guests.

From: Well Plated

15. St. Patrick’s Day Green Apple Martini


This is a deliciously smooth drink with the crispness and juicy flavors of a granny smith apple. A Green Apple Martini is the perfect drink to sip on while enjoying time with friends or when celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

From: Recipes Worth Repeating

16. The Loopy Leprechaun


This is a recipe that couldn’t be left out. Look how beautiful it is! The Loopy Leprechaun is such a fun drink for St. Patrick’s Day. The vodka and Irish Cream Liqueur blend perfectly together.

From: Three Olives [Recipe Credits: Mary Lou]

17. St. Patrick’s Lemon Cucumber Martini with Fresh Basil


My St. Patrick’s Lemon Cucumber Martini With Fresh Basil beautifully balances a lemon and cucumber simple syrup with gin and muddled fresh basil leaves, and its pretty pale green hue makes it perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

From: Beyond Mere Sustenance

18. Boozy Shamrock Shake


Shamrock Shakes aren’t just for kids! This year for the grown ups looking for something festive- I have the perfect treat! A Boozy Shamrock Shake!

From: Spend with Pennies

19. Mint Chip Cookietini Cocktail


Mint Chip Cookietini, an easy chocolate mint cocktail recipe with Pinnacle cookie dough vodka and chocolate vodka, creme de menthe, and milk/cream. It’s like a Thin Mint shot in a martini glass.

From: Snappy Gourmet

20. Ombre St. Patrick’s Day Jello Shots


Get your leprechaun on with these ombre green jello shots! They’re sure to be a party guest favorite. They’re festive and taste great!

From: Tablespoon

21. Low-Carb Irish Maragarita


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without kicking yourself out of ketosis with this low carb margarita! This easy green cocktail has plenty of kick but a sweet 0 carbs.

From: Low Carb-ology

22. Lucky Leprechaun Shots


Lucky Leprechaun Shots taste like what a leprechaun would drink on a tropical island: Midori Melon liqueur, Malibu coconut rum and pineapple juice. This easy cocktail recipe is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

From: Boulder Locavore

23. Irish Sour Apple Cocktail Recipe


Irish Sour Apple Cocktail Recipe perfect for St. Patricks Day Parties! This green cocktail recipe is so easy to make. Celebrate St. Paddy’s in style!

From: Park Ranger John

24. Irish Margarita


Here’s the perfect margarita recipe for St. Patrick’s Day! Fruity and sweet, this green cocktail will win you over with its emerald green color and gold sugar rim. Forget the green beer!

From: Restless Chipotle

25. Sparking Green Sangria


Looking for green alcoholic drinks for St. Patrick’s Day that aren’t beer? How about trying something a bit more sophisticated without all that gluten – a Sparkling Green Sangria?

From: This Mama Cooks

26. The Best Green Margarita Recipe


St.Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate with a Green Margarita. With only four ingredients, you can whip this up in a flash!

From: Living Locurto

27. Sparkling Leprechaun Kiss


If you need a delicious drink for St Patty’s day, then I have the perfect recipe for you!! This drink is slightly sour, which I love and is so easy to make!

From: Hot Eats and Cool Reads

28. St. Patty’s Day Melon Whiskey Sour


In my mind a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail has to be green and include whiskey. This white whiskey is perfect because it doesn’t mess with the really fun green color of the Midori!

From: Hey There, Home

29. Luck of the Irish Shots


These sweet Luck of the Irish Shots are sure to pack a punch! Perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, or any time you’re in the mood for a chocolate and mint drink!

From: Real House Moms

30. Fuzzy Leprechaun Cocktail


I just had to share the recipe with everyone! I am pretty sure this could be one of the best St. Patrick’s Day cocktail recipes we have seen. The drink is bright green but tastes like a peach.

From: Tammilee Tips

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