30 Festive Eggnog Dessert Recipes: Christmas Cooking

Eggnog is a staple of the holiday season. Did you know you don’t have to just drink it? You can eat it too! Enjoy some deliciously festive eggnog dessert recipes for Christmas cooking!


1. Eggnog Cheesecake Bars

Layered Eggnog Cheesecake bars with a gingersnap crust, creamy cheesecake filling and snickerdoodle cookie topping! This is the ultimate dessert recipe, and it’s easy enough to make!

From: Shugary Sweets

2. Eggnog Dip

This Eggnog Dip, delicious and simple, comes together easily and is perfect for holiday parties!

From: Wine and Glue

3. Baked Eggnog Donuts with Eggnog Donuts

Eggnog Donuts with Eggnog Glaze for the breakfast WIN! These are easy to make and dairy free.

From: Yummy Healthy Easy

4. Eggnog Pudding

This voluptuous eggnog-and-brandy pudding faithfully re-creates the taste of traditional holiday eggnog.

From: Country Living

5. White Chocolate Chip Eggnog Cookies

These White Chocolate Chip Eggnog Cookies are full of sweet spices and delicious eggnog taste! Chewy, soft, and delicious! Perfect holiday cookies!

From: Wine and Glue

6. Eggnog Pound Cake

From: Yummly

7. Melt in Your Mouth Eggnog Cookies


think it’s safe to say these are my new favorite holiday cookie! These deliciously soft and completely divine cookies do just as their titled, they melt away in your mouth! With their delicate texture and generous coating of eggnog frosting they are likely to become a cookie you’re not going to forget about. They really do taste just like eggnog in cookie form, so basically they are the best Christmas cookie ever.

From: Cooking Classy

8. Eggnog Spice Blondie Cheesecake

This Eggnog Spice Blondie Cheesecake is all your eggnog dreams come true. The blondie base is full of my favorite spices of the season – cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. It is moist and chewy and wonderful. The no bake eggnog cheesecake on top is smooth, thick and creamy. The combination of flavors and textures make this a must-make Christmas dessert.

From: Life Love and Sugar

9. Mini Eggnog Cream Pies

Only four ingredients to make this creamy, dreamy easy dessert recipe for the holidays!

From: Cupcakes and Kale Chips

10.  Eggnog Cheesecake Bars

These Eggnog Cheesecake Bars have a creamy and rich eggnog cheesecake filling with a spicy gingersnap cookie crust.

From: Simply Stacie

11. No Bake Eggnog Pie


Your holiday won’t be complete without this no bake Eggnog Pie! It’ll become a family-favorite!

From: Love Bakes Good Cakes

12. Eggnog Pancakes

Eggnog is a staple of the Christmas season. I love adding it into recipes to create completely new flavors!

From: Captain Decor

13. Gluten Free Eggnog Chocolate Chip Scones

These gluten free eggnog scones with chocolate chips are so good they can be served with breakfast, as a snack, or they can be a fabulous dessert.

From: Fearless Dining

14. Eggnog Fudge

From: Lou Lou Girls

15. Eggnog Cheesecake Cookie Cups

These eggnog cheesecake cookie cups are the best treat for the holidays! Chewy gingerbread cookie cups filled with a fluffy eggnog cheesecake.

From: Liv For Cake

16. Eggnog Pumpkin Pie

Eggnog Pumpkin Pie, a perfect combination of two flavors that join us for the holidays! This recipe reminds me of having a slice of Pumpkin Pie with a cup of eggnog.

From: Cooking with K

17. Frosted Eggnog Bread

Eggnog in the bread and eggnog in the glaze makes this Frosted Eggnog Bread the perfect sweet bread for the eggnog lovers in your life. It is the perfect holiday breakfast or afternoon snack. Just add

From: Blog Lovin

18. Eggnog Cookies

Eggnog Cookies with Eggnog Buttercream: Chewy eggnog cookies topped with a rich eggnog buttercream. Your favorite holiday beverage in cookie form!

From: The Best Dessert Recipes

19. Eggnog Macarons

From: Complete Recipes

20. Eggnog Blossoms

These Eggnog Blossoms are a festive twist on the traditional peanut butter blossoms. Soft, chewy eggnog cookies are rolled in sugar and topped with a kiss!

From: Back for Seconds

21. Eggnog Snickerdoodles

When it comes to holiday baking, I definitely think that eggnog is an underrated flavor. Everyone goes for peppermint and gingerbread, but eggnog is one of my favorites! These eggnog snickerdoodles are soft and tender, just slightly crisp around the edges, and full of delicious eggnog flavor. They’re simple to make, and perfect for holiday parties or serving with a big cup of hot cocoa!

From: Lil Luna

22. Eggnog Latte Truffles

These eggnog latte truffles are the perfect Christmas truffles to add to your holiday baking this year – creamy, simple, and packed with the flavor of the perfect holiday red cup drink!

From: Morgan Manages Mommyhood

23. Eggnog Cookie Dip

Hooray for something easy during all of this hustle and bustle! Plus, this recipe tastes like eggnog, or a spiced white chocolate ball of deliciousness, and who doesn’t want to eat that?!

From: Oh Sweet Basil

24. Eggnog Pudding

Homemade eggnog pudding, this recipe can’t get much easier. With a festive flair, this homemade pudding recipe is made with eggnog, yum!

From: This Silly Girl’s Kitchen

25. Eggnog Thumbprints

I hope you’ve been enjoying all the Christmas cookies being shared so far this month. I have a lot more planned for next week, but now I’m indulging in one of my favorite holiday flavors – eggnog. While my brain instantly thinks about the drink, today I’m putting a spin on things and turning eggnog into cookies instead!

From: White Lights on Wednesday

26. Eggnog French Toast

This eggnog french toast would be amazing Christmas morning. It’s simple to make and tastes of the holiday. We loved the addition of rum extract. It adds great flavor without adding alcohol. Julia’s eggnog mixture is perfect for coating the bread and grilling. It gets a little crisp and is super good with the maple syrup.

From: JustAPinchRecipes

27. Easy Eggnog Cake

The delicious flavor of eggnog is packed into this simple, yet easy-to-make, eggnog Bundt cake! This is a perfect holiday dessert.

From: Ebay

28. Fudgy Glazed Eggnog Brownies

These glazed Eggnog Brownies are chewy, fudgy, and full of holiday flavor. They are the perfect quick and easy Christmas dessert to bring to a party!

From: Back for Seconds

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