23 Snow Ice Creams for a Funtastic Snow Day

Had a snow day yet? Well this is the perfect dessert that you can make in your own home! If you have kids, they can help too! It’ll be a winter wonderland blast!

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1. Simple and Easy Snow Ice Cream

“Snow” much fun to make, this easy to make Snow Ice Cream recipe will definitely be a hit with the kids on your next snow day. Just three ingredients mixed together in a big bowl and you have a homemade sweet treat in minutes.

From: The Suburban Soapbox

2. Mint Chocolate Chip Snow Cream

Making snow cream, or snow ice cream, is winter fun for kids and adults! Mint chocolate chip snow cream is made with REAL SNOW, using 4 ingredients and it takes just 4 minutes!

From: It’s Yummi

3. Quick and Easy Snow Ice Cream

Quick and easy snow ice cream made from fresh snow, evaporated milk, and a little sugar and vanilla. Four ingredients never tasted so good!

From: Bless This Mess

4. Real Maple Syrup Snow Ice Cream

Make an old-fashioned snow ice cream recipe with real maple syrup! The kids will love it.

From: The Prairie Homestead

5. 5 Flavors of Snow Ice Cream

Got a snowy day? Add a creamy made-from-snow ice cream treat to your plans with one of these five delicious Snow Cream flavors.

From: The Kitchen is My Playground

6. 3-Ingredient Vanilla Snow Ice Cream

Make a batch of rich and delicious Vanilla Snow Ice Cream with 2 ingredients and a big bowl of freshly-fallen snow!

From: Happy Hooligans

7. Homemade Snow Cream with 2 Ingredients

This tutorial showing How To Make Snow Cream with 2 Ingredients is a game changer…your kids are going to love it as much as ice cream!

From: Mom 4 Real

8. Snow Ice Cream Recipe

How to make ice cream from snow. Enjoy some winter fun by making this quick and easy snow ice cream recipe. The kids love it!

From: Eating on a Dime

9. Sweet Snow Ice Cream Recipe

This 5-minute recipe for homemade snow ice cream is a sweet way to celebrate a snow day!

From: Gimme Some Oven

10. Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry, and Peppermint Chip Snow Ice Cream Recipes!

Of course, Lil’ M, my chocoholic, wanted chocolate. And I am personally partial to coffee ice cream. All the recipes I saw only featured vanilla, so we did a little kitchen experimenting to make 5 different flavors of Snow Ice Cream!

From: Playground Parkbench

11. Snow Cream and Chocolate Chips

Got a lot of snow?? Might as well make some snow cream!!

From: Foodie Chicks Rule

12. Snow Ice Cream

Just mix together and enjoy. We’ve also seen recipes where instead of milk and sugar you use a can of condensed milk.

From: Rose and Womble

13. Snow Ice Cream with Sprinkles

Fresh fallen snow turns into a fabulous dessert with only two additional ingredients! What a fun winter idea for kids on a snow day or around Christmas!

From: Bitz & Giggles

14. Snow Ice Cream in One Bowl

Stick a bowl outside before a big snow so you can make Snow Ice Cream! So easy – the perfect project for kids!

From: Fake Ginger

15. Maple Snow Cream (30 Second Ice Cream)

From: Bloglovin

16. 3 ingredient Strawberry Snow Ice Cream

Making ice cream from snow is easy, but there is one variable – your snow! Today’s snow was blended with sleet, which means it didn’t quickly melt, but it’s slightly more icy in texture. Don’t miss my tips below for successful snow ice cream, every time.

From: Julie Blanner

17. Chocolate Peppermint Snow Ice Cream

If you’ve ever wondered how to make snow ice cream, check out this easy recipe for Chocolate Peppermint Snow Ice Cream!

From: Snappy Gourmet

18. Cake Batter Snow Ice Cream

Cake Batter Snow Ice Cream recipe, an easy snow ice cream with cake flavored vodka. An adult dessert recipe that is quick to make.

From: Snappy Gourmet

19. Old-Fashioned Snow Cream

A treat from days gone by, snow cream is a wonderful, easy frozen classic that falls out of the sky!

From: Girl Recipes Book

20. Easiest Snow Ice Cream Dessert Recipe

I can’t actually remember who gave us the tip that Half & Half takes snow ice cream to the next level. And the kids had lots of ideas about why it was “the BEST SNOW ICE CREAM EVER!” (never mind that it was the first time they’ve had snow ice cream, and also never mind that all of their theories involved sprinkles).

From: Kojo Designs

21. Ice Cream from Snow with Sprinkles

This recipe for snow ice cream is super easy! It takes 5 minutes to throw together the 4 simple ingredients and you can make the best snow day treat ever!

From: One Little Project

22. Chocolate Snow Cream Recipe

Snow Cream is essentially ice cream made from snow. It’s fun and easy to make and always a big hit with the kids!

From: Food with Feeling

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