33 Special Keto Drinks for the Chilly Winter Season

Committing to a healthy lifestyle makes people think they can’t enjoy savory drinks. But that’s not true! Enjoy some AMAZING keto drinks for this chilly winter season.

1. Vanilla Frappe

This recipe makes about half a quart, so if most recipes are too big for you to drink all by yourself, you might enjoy this one.

From: Briana Thomas

2. Low Carb Mocha Frappe

Crush your cravings for a delicious coffee treat with this low carb mocha frappe recipe & stay on track with your ketogenic diet without the guilt.

From: 730 Sage Street

3. Frosted Mocha

Enjoy this rich and creamy Frosted Mocha for a delightful and guilt-free snack. Gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, low-carb, THM-FP

From: Mama Shire

4.Butter Caramel Hot Sip

This Butter Caramel Hot Sip tastes like Tim Horton’s infamous drink from the 2000s! It provides the same benefits as bullet-proof coffee, but without the caffeine or coffee flavor. A THM: S.

From: Northern Nester

5. Pumpkin Pie Milkshake


This milkshake makes one very large serving (like, a little over a quart) or two moderately-sized servings. If you have the whole thing, it’s a THM:S, but if you only have half (and use low-fat cottage cheese), you’re looking at a THM Fuel Pull!

From: Briana Thomas

6. Chair Tea Lattes from Concentrate (Sugar-free)

Do you love Chai Tea and wish you could drink it more often? Or do you just like to take a break from coffee drinks now and then but still want to little caffeine kick or the social benefits of shared lattes with friends? Then I know you’ll enjoy the convenience, consistency, and delicious flavor of making Chai Tea Lattes from Concentrate using this wonderful syrup.

From: Nana’s Little Kitchen

7. Caramel or Peppermint Mocha Latte

If you like chocolate-y goodness in a coffee cup, these recipes are for you! I have two easy low-carb mocha latte recipes to share – a low-carb Peppermint Mocha and low-carb Caramel Mocha. Both are sugar-free and dairy-free, and both are my favorites. Don’t ask me to pick which one is better, because I can’t.

From: The Well Planned Kitchen

8. Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer

A rich and creamy coffee creamer that is low carb, sugar free, and a Trim Healthy Mama S Fuel!

From: My Montana Kitchen

9. Low Carb Eggnog

Our Keto Eggnog is the perfect, low carb, homemade holiday drink to impress your family and friends this year!

From: Keto Connect

10. Keto & Paleo Luscious Hot Chocolate


Thick, creamy and absolutely delicious, this luscious paleo & keto bulletproof hot chocolate is bound to have you swooning! And at just 2.5g net carbs, it’s truly ideal!

From: Gnom-Gnom

11. Homemade Paleo & Keto Eggnog

Luscious and incredibly delicious, expect this homemade paleo and keto eggnog to vary little (if at all!) from the traditional holiday classic!

From: Gnom Gnom

12. Keto Friendly Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

This Keto-Friendly Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate Recipe makes creamy, rich hot chocolate with ingredients you probably already have on hand. This quick and easy hot chocolate can be part of a low-carb, keto, diabetic, gluten-free, grain-free, Atkins or Banting diet. There is even a dairy-free option!

From: Simply So Healthy

13. Keto Pumpkin Spice Latte


All of your favorite fall flavors in one warm, comforting low carb cup. What happened when bulletproof coffee meets low carb pumpkin spice latte? This!

From: Peace Love and Low Carb

14. Low Carb Eggnog

This sugar-free, low-carb eggnog is sure to wow your guests. You will wish you never have to buy eggnog at the store again.

From: Intoxicated on Life

15. Low Carb Keto Hot Chocolate

Nothing beats a great cup of keto hot chocolate on a cold winter day. The secret to this delicious low carb hot chocolate is the addition of chocolate extract which really heightens the flavor.

From: Low Carb Yum

16. Low Carb Keto Bulletproof Tea

A creamy keto Bulletproof tea is the perfect way to start the day if you aren’t a coffee drinker. It’s loaded with healthy fats for any low carb diet.

From: Low Carb Yum

17. Pumpkin Spice Latte

This paleo and keto pumpkin spice latte is pure fall in a mug! Prep a large batch-to-go for the week and feel free to ‘bulletproof’ it with MCT oil and grass-fed butter.

From: Gnom-Gnom

18. Keto Low-Carb Pumpkin Spice Latte

Ditch the sugars from the coffee shop lattes, and enjoy a wonderful keto low-carb pumpkin spice latte instead. This creamy pumpkin spiced coffee can be enjoyed HOT or COLD.

From: Ditch the Carbs

19. Keto Spiced Hot Mocha

This keto-friendly mocha is so easy and delicious. The spices add an extra Mexican kick that will keep you warm on rainy days. If you want to keep it simple, skip the spices and use coffee, coconut milk, cacao powder and a few drops of stevia. To transform it into a complete breakfast meal, add some MCT oil and collagen.

From: KetoDiet

20. Creamy Keto Cinnamon Smoothie

From: KetoDiet

21. Copycat Maple Pecan Latte

Are you ready for fall and Starbucks’ new drink? Try my Copycat Maple Pecan Latte for delicious Ketogenic, Sugar Free, Low Carb, THM:S version that tastes just like fall!

From: Fit Mom Journey

22. Mulled Wine Low Carb

This low-carb mulled wine is the perfect festive drink for winter. With notes of spices like cloves, cinnamon, and star anise, along with oranges you’ll want to sip this concoction all winter long.

From: KetoDiet

23. Vietnamese Egg Coffee

This is a low carb version of Vietnamese Egg Coffee. It’s a sweet coffee with a lovely froth made from whisking together eggs, sweetener and cream.

From: Resolution Eats

24. Iced Bulletproof Coffee

This Creamy Iced Bulletproof Coffee is not only Keto, Low carb and Sugar Free, but perfect for keeping you refreshed and full for hours!

From: Sugar-Free Mom

25. Keto Hot Buttered Rum Mix

Warm and delicious, this low carb, keto hot buttered rum mix is sure to impress. Just like the real thing but without all the carbs and sugar.

From: Peace Love and Low Carb

26. Keto Starbucks Copycat Iced Vanilla Latte

If you’ve been missing a good vanilla iced latte or frappuccino you’ve come to the right place. Try this Sugar Free Starbucks Vanilla Latte & Frappuccino Recipe! Make one concentrate and have your favorite beverage ready in minutes. It is even faster than waiting in line to order one.

From: Joy Filled Eats

27. Gingerbread Latte

This low carb Gingerbread Latte will warm you right down to your toes. It’s a delicious holiday sipper.

From: All Day I Dream About Food

28. Vanilla Ice Cream Keto Coffee Fat Bomb Smoothie

Vanilla Ice Cream Keto Coffee Smoothie — a refreshing, chilled keto-friendly smoothie that tastes like vanilla ice cream and has a nice coffee kick!

From: Forget Sugar Friday

29. Keto Hot Chocolate

Cold days call for hot cocoa: this low carb hot chocolate recipe is keto friendly and easily made using almond milk.

From: Savory Tooth

30. Chocolate Keto Eggnog

The holiday spirit hit me so hard this year. How do you describe the Christmas feeling? Holiday music, drinking a Keto Eggnog drink, and comfy fluffy pyjamas are all I want these days.

From: Low Carb Spark

31. Thick and Frosty Keto Chocolate Shake

This Thick and Frosty Keto Chocolate Shake is my new low carb best friend.

From: Low Carb Joy

32. Buttery Keto Hot Chocolate

This Buttery Keto Hot Chocolate is a breeze to make and is packed with valuable electrolytes (yes, really!)… which means it’s basically a health drink.

From: Forget Sugar Friday

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