60+ BEST Bonfire Night Foods

Bonfire nights are the best nights! Not only can you sit around a fire and keep warm, you can eat delicious comfort food to warm your soul! Enjoy these excellent bonfire night foods as you enjoy a night with friends.

1. Campfire Donuts

With sugar and spice and everything nice, these campfire donuts are sure to delight your fellow campers on your next camping trip.

From: The Touring Camper

2. Shrimp Boil Foil Packets

Easy, make-ahead foil packets packed with shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes. It’s a full meal with zero clean-up!

From: Damn Delicious

3. Ham and Cheese Croissant with Honey Mustard Glaze

Ham and Cheese Croissant with Honey Mustard Glaze – a simple but delicious Mother’s day, Father’s Day or any other day Breakfast. Scroll down for our video of the Ham and Cheese Croissant making process!

From: Kitchen Sanctuary

4. Cajun Style Foil Packets


Cajun Shrimp Foil Packets are a summer grilling favorite! We can’t get enough of the Cajun flavors with the shrimp, grilled corn, and sausage. And there is NO MESS!!!

From: Fav Family Recipes

5. Philly Cheesesteak Foil Pack

Simple Tin Foil Pack “Philly Cheesesteak” Dinners. Perfect for the campfire, grill, or the oven!

From: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

6. Hot Ham & Swiss Croissants

Hot Ham & Swiss Croissants, buttery croissants, melty cheese and a honey mustard sauce all melt together to make the perfect sandwich.

From: Life With the Crust Off

7. Bonfire Cupcakes

Who needs fireworks when you can have these eye catching Bonfire Cupcakes?! Two tone frosting, matchmakers & flakes make fantastically edible bonfires!

From: Kitchen Mason

8. Chili Campfire Bake

This isn’t my typical meal, but I’ll tell you what – my kids LOVED it! It was very quick and easy to make – I even let my husband throw it together. You can also make this over the fire with a rack that sits on the fire and skillet. Either way you make it, it is fun and delicious!

From: Six Sisters’ Stuff

9. Cream Cheese & Chicken Taquitos


You will love these Cream Cheese and Chicken Taquitos filled with cream cheese, salsa, cheese, sour cream and spinach.

From: Lil Luna

10. Crackling Bonfire Cupcakes

These crackling bonfire cupcakes are easy to make and perfect for a fireworks night celebration. I chose to use honeycomb matchmakers and the addition of popping candy make them even more fun to eat.

From: A Strong Coffee

11. Garlic Butter Steak Bites

These seared steak bites are cubes of sirloin steak cooked to perfection in a garlic butter sauce. An easy meal or party snack that’s ready in just minutes!

From: Dinner at the Zoo

12. Foil-Wrapped Camping Hot Dogs

Camping Hot Dog Recipes. Creative idea for making dinner when camping with the family. Our kids love this recipe both in the great outdoors and in the backyard.

From: Frugal Coupon Living

13. Bonfire Toffee / Treacle Toffee

Bonfire toffee (also known as Treacle Toffee or Plot Toffee) is traditionally eaten on Bonfire Night when the UK celebrates the downfall of Guy Fawkes and his Gunpowder Plot. Rich, buttery and deliciously dark, this toffee also makes a great Halloween treat.

From: Little Sugar Snaps

14. How to Make Walking Tacos

These Walking Tacos are tacos made right in the bag. Great for parties and potlucks! If you’ve ever wondered how to make Walking Tacos, it’s way easier than you think.

From: The Girl Who Ate Everything

15. Campfire Cinnamon Roll-Ups

It is a proven fact that campfire food is pretty much the best food on the planet. The best part was sitting around the campfire and roasting marshmallows, hotdogs and these easy and delicious Campfire Cinnamon Roll-ups.

From: Almost Supermom

16. S’Mores Dip

This recipe for S’mores dip is a good alternative to traditional s’mores-making without making use of the campfire.

From: Hungry Brownie

17. BBQ Chicken Foil Packs

The flavorful barbecue chicken and colorful veggies cook up beautifully in foil packs. They make for a super easy clean-up and that’s always a bonus! They can be cooked on the outdoor grill OR baked in your oven if that’s what you prefer.

From: Life in the Lofthouse

18. Skillet S’Mores

Make the ultimate campfire snack in your home with this easy skillet s’mores recipe.

From: Country Living

19. Camping Breakfast Sandwich

Who said camping breakfast couldn’t be fancy? These BBQ Pulled Pork English Muffin Camping Breakfast Sandwiches are ridiculously easy and gourmet to boot.

From: The Adventure Bite

20. Cheesy Garlic Fries in Foil

The easiest, cheesiest fries you will ever make in foil packets, baked to absolute crisp perfection!

From: Damn Delicious

21. BBQ Chicken Potato Foil Packet

From: Pinterest

22. Campfire French Toast

This Campfire French Toast is easy, low maintenance cooking and will bring smiles to your little campers.

From: This Lil Piglet

23. Campfire Orange Cinnamon Rolls

From: Oleander + Palm

24. Campfire Cones

Campfire Cones – If you don’t want to deal with someone poking their eye out, make your s’mores in a waffle cone, wrap it in foil, and toss it in the campfire until melted!

From: The Girl Who Ate Everything

25. Peppermint Marshmallows

From: Madeline Marie Hall

26. Dutch Oven Cinnamon Nut Pull Aparts

These Dutch Oven Cinnamon Nut Pull Aparts only have Five ingredients and are so easy and perfect! All you need is a bag of Rolls, some chopped pecans, brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter. That’s it!

From: Tried and Tasty

27. Bailey’s Dipped Toasted Marshmallows

Warning… highly addictive. Bailey’s Dipped Toasted Marshmallows. A must when camping or at a bonfire! Try it once and you’ll be hooked!

From: Dabbles and Babblese

28. Dutch Oven Apple Cobbler

Soft cinnamon spiced apples, crumbly topping, and a sweet syrupy sauce, all baked to golden brown perfection inside a Dutch oven, this apple cobbler is a great dessert to enjoy around the bonfire.

From: Fresh Off the Grid

29. Cracker Jack and Pretzel Treats

Held together with gooey marshmallows, these caramel Cracker Jack and pretzel bites are the perfect light dessert (or mid-day pick-me-up!).

From: Country Living

31. S’Mores Pudgy Pies

From: Jelly Toast

32. Comfort Food Bonfire Bangers

Bangers make Bonfire Night! And you’re going to just LOVE these hot and spicy sticky bonfire bangers, tucked up in buttery brioche rolls with caramelised onions and mustard. Mmmm mouth-wateringly good! (oh and super easy…)

From: Daises & Pie

33. Bonfire Night Baked Potatoes

Transform a basic baked spud with a rich melted cheese topping, inspired by a classic dish from the French Alps

From: BBC Good Food

35. Bonfire Night Popcorn Bark with Popping Candy



36. Vegan Chocolate Pretzel Bonfires

These little chocolate bonfires are perfect for Halloween or bonfire night! They are made the same way as my pretzel nests, except that you keep the stacks as they are instead of shaping them into nests, and you add fruit roll-up flames instead of jelly bean eggs.

From: Vegan Kitchen Magick

37. Squash and Black Bean Chili

Either stuff a whole squash with the chilli, or dice and roast the squash and add it to the chilli. The latter opens up a whole variety of serving suggestions: eat it with rice or in a baked potato; top it with a dollop of soured cream, some spicy tomato salsa or some guacamole; stuff it in a taco with some grated cheese; or spread it over a tortilla. If you are stuffing the squash you will need to use one that is a suitable size and will hold its shape when cooked, such as onion squash.

From: Claire Justine

38. Moroccan Sausage and Pepper Tagine

From: Claire Justine

39. Ly’s Beany Goulash

From: Claire Justine

40. Deliciously Ella’s Loaded Mexican-Stlye Potatoes

From: Claire Justine

41. Welsh Lamb and Pumpkin Pie

Pies are such great Autumn/Winter comfort foods and this pie recipe is made with ready-made puff pastry so it is quicker than making it all from scratch. Whats not to love?

From: Claire Justine

42. Pumpkin Chili Con Carne with Mini Jacket Potatoes

A classic dish, ideal for sharing around the fire while watching the Guy burn and the fireworks explode overhead – even better, the pumpkin bowl cuts down on the washing up!

From: Claire Justine

43. Bonfire Night Orange Cream Brandy Snaps

These are old-fashioned, lacy, gingery brandy snaps filled with cream.

They’re relatively easy to make – the fiddly bit is the shaping and filling that follows – just remember to give them plenty of space while they’re in the oven and get to the shaping soon after they come out.

From: Claire Justine

44. Hot Buttered Rum with Apple Cider and Cinnamon

An American spin on a classic hot toddy, this rum cocktail makes a deliciously warming drink that’s perfect for chilly autumn and winter evenings. The gentle spices of the rum and cinnamon are balanced with sweet maple syrup, apple juice and cider, with melted butter for a rich, luxurious finish.

From: Tesco

46. Mulled Cider

From: Bea’s Cookbook

47. Bonfire Bangers and Barbecue Bean Casserole

This delectable sausage and bean casserole has spicy chorizo sausage, red pepper and barbecue sauce added for an extra taste dimension.

From: Lavender & Lovage

48. Polish Potato Pancakes for Bonfire Night

This potato pancake recipe is a great one to have up your sleeve. They can be wrapped in foil and kept warm – perfect for cold hands on Bonfire Night!

From: Jamie Oliver

49. Toffee Apple Cheesecake

For the wow factor add a few cinnamon sticks to decorate.

From: Sainsbury’s Magazine

50. Chipotle Quinoa Sweet Potato Tacos with Roasted Cranberry Pomegranate Salsa

From: Half Baked Harvest

51. Bonfire Night Spiced Apple Parkin Rolls with Spiced Whiskey Glaze

From: Twigg Studios

52. Crunchy Maple Toffee Apples Coated with Berries and Chopped Nuts

From: Wait Rose

53. Charred Corn with Basil Vinnaigrette and Crumbled Feta

Charred Corn with Basil Vinaigrette and Feta is a flavorful dish that makes perfect use of fresh, summery corn on the cob.

From: Bites of Bri

54. Cider-Glazed Hot Dogs

These succulent pork sausages will be the star of any barbecue feast.

From: Tesco

55. Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup

This roasted red pepper tomato soup is for my wearisome bones and my nonchalant mood.!!!!! roasted red pepper has unique flavour combined with garlic.

From: Pearls of East

56. Chicken Parmesan Soup

All of the flavours of chicken parmesan in a hearty soup that is pure comfort food!

From: Closet Cooking

57. Slow Cooker Apple Cider Beef Stew

A seasonal twist on a classic beef stew, made even easier in the slow cooker! Tender beef and root vegetables, flavored with a hint of apple cider.

From: Baked by Rachel

58. Lasagna Soup

All the flavors of lasagna in a comforting, cheesy soup with a dollop of ricotta that gets melted right into the soup!

From: Damn Delicious

59. Bonfire Brownie Bites

From: Every Nook & Cranny

60. Roasted Tomato and Bread Soup

In this roasted tomato and bread soup, slow-roasting the tomatoes, onions, carrots and garlic concentrates all of the flavors. Yum.

From: Alexandra’s Kitchen

61. Tomato Khajuri Khatta

Tomato khajuri khatta is a very interesting combination of sour tomatoes with sweets dates. It is a very coveted side dish for any festive cooking

From: Pearls of East

62. Salted Caramel Chocolate Pots

This goey salted caramel chocolate pots straight from the oven has its own charm, with a lovely crisp outer layer and goey caramel and chocolate lava core.

From: Pearls of East

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