34 Unique DIY Christmas Garland Ideas

It’s time for Christmas tree garland decoration! Right about Thanksgiving afternoon, turkey and stuffing in my stomach, is when I start getting in the Christmas spirit. Try these unique DIY Christmas garlands that are sure to make your house and Christmas tree look fantastic!

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1. Orange and Evergreen Garland

From: Instagram

2. Tiny Christmas Trees in Miniature Bottles

From: Pinterest

3. DIY Pine Sprig Garland


Really cool earthy idea that could spruce up your holiday mantelpiece. Try it today.

From: The Merrythought

4. Modern Paper-Tree Garland

Holiday decorating is in full swing! We love Christmas décor but usually try to keep things modern and simple. This DIY paper-tree garland is easy to make and would be fun project to work on with the kiddos!

From: Minted

5. Colorful Wood Bead Garland

In essence, the strands are oversize wood balls on a string that you can use to decorate a shelf, style a coffee table, etc. Because of their size and shape, they add texture and movement to a vignette. And during the holidays, they can double as a beautiful garland. On their own or tucked in pine, they bring a rustic modern element to your decor.

From: Inspired by Charm

6. DIY Cotton Ball Garland

I love that pom-poms seem to be everywhere these days, and I looked for a pom-pom garland to help soften up my rustic Christmas tree. By it at the store and it’ll cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily there’s a way to get the look without breaking the bank!

From: Home Remedies

7. DIY Origami Star Garland

A simple to follow tutorial of how to fold an origami star and make a beautiful star garland. Perfect as a DIY Christmas decoration.

From: Girl About Townhouse

8. Natural Birch Bark Paper Garland

Looking for an interesting, natural or rustic addition to your Christmas decor? Birch Bark Paper Garland is super easy to make with a huge wow factor!

From: Dream a Little Bigger

9. Jingle Bell Garland

While walking through Target I came across these oversize jingle bells labeled ‘vase filler’. Instead of the intended purpose, I decided to string them up for a simple garland to hang across the studio window.

From: Jones Design Co.

10. Felt Holly Garland

When it comes to holiday decorating, Jessi likes to come up with a fresh, new take on last year’s decorations—it’s a fun way to repurpose embellishments you already own. For this project, Jessi’s turned my strand of red and white felt balls from last year’s Christmas tree into a festive garland of holly to drape over a mantel or wall.

From: Minted

11. Easy Felt Christmas Tree Garland

Make this easy DIY felt christmas tree garland in 4 simple steps! Get that modern, scandinavian feel in your holiday decor with this cute project.

From: The Sweetest Digs

13. Santa Reindeer Garland

From: Pinterest

14. Modern Scandinavian Geometric Garland

This year Pinja wanted to make a piece of Christmas decoration inspired by the Finnish traditional Himmeli, which is an ornament made of straw and is hung form the ceiling at Christmas time. They wanted to keep it natural and simple by using the straw and wooden beads that they decorated with a little bit of white paint. The ornament hangs now on our tiny Christmas three but after Christmas it could still stay around somewhere in the house.

From: The House That Lars Built

15. Faux Greenery Garland

This faux greenery garland took only a few minutes to make but saved tons of money and adds rustic, farmhouse charm to any season.

From: Making Joy and Pretty Things

16. Upcycled Felt Closepin Christmas Tree Garland

DIY Christmas decorations are perfect to bring festive cheer to your home this year!. These Christmas crafts are cheap & easy and perfect for kids too

From: The Mummy Front

17. Pom Pom Garland

To make this garland I paired the natural color of the straw with cream colored yarn, which is a little on the understated side (for me). I think bright, almost neon, pompoms in christmas light colors would look pretty fantstic too.

From: Elsie Marley

18. Snowy Mountain Garland

From: Art Camp LA

19. Golden Pinecone Festive Garland

With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you will decorate your home. This year, why not try making a nature-inspired garland using pine cones from your yard, nearby trees or even from a craft store?

From: Joann

20. DIY Button Garland for the Christmas Tree

Learn how to make your own DIY Button Garland for your Christmas tree. This garland give the look of having a popcorn garland on your tree witout the mess!

From: One Thousand Oaks

21. Simple Pinecone Garland

The beauty of this easy DIY decoration is you can put it up now and keep it up through the holidays and well into the New Year.

From: How to Decorate

22. Felt Gingerbread Man Garland

Want to decorate for the holidays, but short on time? These easy DIY Christmas decorations will save the day! Easy and quick, you’ll be done in no time.

From: DIY Projects

23. Pretty Burlap Garland

Once you see how beautiful a Christmas tree can look with burlap garland, you won’t be able to resist decorating your own tree with it!

From: Simply Notable

24. Amazingly Chic Garland Railing

I must say there is something where after you’ve had that delicious Thanksgiving dinner, that good old fashioned Christmas spirit feeling comes in full force. Get started with this beautiful staircase garland for your railing.

From: Culdesac Home

25. Salt Dough Christmas Garland Ornament

Make salt dough ornaments to use for the tree or garland in these easy steps! Involve the kids, its such a fun activity just in time for Christmas.

From: Twelve on Main

26. DIY Gold Leaf Pine Cone Garland

While largely intended to jazz up your holiday decor, this garland would be lovely to use throughout the winter months. Mine took up residence along the mantle in the living room, but really it would be adorable just about anywhere in your home. So who’s ready to get your gold leaf on?

From: The Sweetest Occasion

27. DIY Ruffle Garland

I like them because they are pretty and girly and sometimes as a mom of two boys, you really need something feminine. But what I love most is that I can touch them and they will be around as long as my memories will. Garlands made out of fabric will last through years of celebrations.

From: The Sweetest Occasion

28. DIY Christmas Light Balloon Garlands

Turn the plain ol’ strings of balloons into Christmas light garlands! It’s super fun wrapped around the tree with the balloons as a “topper” but it would also make fun decor for just about any Christmas celebration.

From: Studio DIY

29. Book Page Feather Garland With a Touch of Glitter

Book Page Paper Feathers: using old book pages, a glue stick and a wire for a center make beautiful feathers to use as a garland, gift topper, or Christmas tree ornament. Make it festive by adding gold glitter. Easy Holiday DIY.

From: Life is a Party

30. Stunning Professional Christmas Garland

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make a gorgeous, professional-looking Christmas garland to decorate your home for the holidays this year.

From: The Craft Patch

31. How to Hang Garland Tutorial

Need help hanging your garland for the first time? Don’t worry! Even with our limited knowledge, we can help you make your room look just as fabulous as ours.

From: Danielle Moss

32. Wood Bead Garland

This rustic wood bead garland took only a few minutes to put together and can be used in so many different ways in your home decor.

From: Making Joy and Pretty Things

33. Foraged Garland

If collecting things comes as a natural instinct to you, then maybe you’ll love this foraged garland from different branches and shrubbery! Check it out!

From: The Fresh Exchange

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