28 Thanksgiving Appetizers To Eat While Cooking

We don’t eat Thanksgiving dinner until mid afternoon, which leaves a lot of people hanging around the kitchen hungry. Enjoy a few delicious Thanksgiving appetizers to eat while the turkey is cooking!

Hey, friends!

Happy happy Saturday!

We’re in the month of Thanksgiving! Woohooo!

Thanksgiving for me is a great time the whole family is together and talking. We have a strict no-phone policy so we can sit around the table and actually spend quality time with one another.

After we’ve eaten, we go around the table and say something we’re thankful for. And we don’t allow them to take the easy way out and say something like “family”, “friends”, “food”, and “our house”. We consider those things a given, so we make them THINK!

While Thanksgiving is a great time for family, it’s also CHAOS IN THE KITCHEN. Does anyone else know what I mean? This is multi-tasking on steroids! I’ve always got a million things cooking at once. I’m rolling dough here, I’m cooking a casserole there! It’s insane!

Luckily, our oldest likes to help out. She’s precious (and a life-saver).

If you’ve ever cooked this many things at once, then you know how easy it is to build a little bit of an appetite while cooking.

PLUS, while you’re slaving away, your hubby and little ones always make their way into the kitchen asking if you have anything to eat. Well, we will — in an hour at the dining room table!

Either way, we have a problem. People are hungry while you’re making Thanksgiving dinner.

Luckily there’s a solution!

Here are some tried and tested tasty Thanksgiving appetizers to eat while you’re cooking the turkey and stuffing!

Believe me, your entire family will love this. You’ll have problems getting them to stop eating the appetizers and start eating the turkey — believe me!


1. Pumpkin Dip

This is the BEST Pumpkin Dip you’ll eat this year. One bite, and you’ll be hooked! The best part? It’s always a hit at fun parties as well! Everyone loves that pleasant pumpkin taste and can’t wait to have another bite!

From: Deliciously Sprinkled

2. Kabocha & Havarti Pockets

This is the perfect Thanksgiving appetizer. It can be made ahead then frozen. Just toss in the oven when you’re ready. Also, it can be eaten warmed or room temp which leaves you with that oven space you’ll desperately need when all of your guests have brought something over that needs to be “thrown in the oven for 15 minutes”.

From: I Will Not Eat Oysters

3. Gruyere Mushroom & Caramelized Onion Bites

Caramelized onion bites with sautéed crimini mushrooms, balsamic caramelized onions, and applewood smoked gruyere cheese. Thee perfect little appetizers! They’re made with puff pastry and take no time at all to whip up! These are the perfect appetizers to serve your guests this holiday season.

From: Little Spice Jar

4. Rosemary Pecan Goat Cheese Truffles

Rosemary Pecan Goat Cheese Truffles – a super fun, easy, make ahead appetizer, perfect for topping a cracker, crostini or wedge of warm pita. Delicious!

From: The Cafe Sucre Farine

5. Pretzel Ring Beer Cheese Dip

Looking for an easy soft pretzel and beer cheese recipe? This Pretzel Ring Beer Cheese Dip Recipe from Delish.com is the best.

From: Delish

6. Cheesy Meatball Cups

Popular with kids, perfect for picnics, or any event that doesn’t require silverware, these versatile treats are simply put together with only a few readymade ingredients.

From: Cacique Inc

7. Cheesy Pretzel Twists

Cheesy pretzel twists are by far the best use for biscuit dough ever.

From: Delish

8. Caramel Apple Crack

A caramel apple recipe that tastes just as addicting as it sounds.

From: Delish

9. Sweet Potato Chips

Looking for a baked sweet potato recipe? These Sweet Potato Chips from Delish.com are the best.

From: Delish

10. Apple Pie Fries

These Apple Pie Fries from Delish.com are the perfect follow up to the savory version.

From: Delish

11. Popcorn Cauliflower

Looking for a cauliflower recipe? This Popcorn Cauliflower from Delish.com is the best.

From: Delish

12. Baked Apples with Brie and Honey

Take some of your favorite ingredients from a cheese plate—brie, honey, and apples—and turn them into a baked snack or dessert.

From: Delish

13. Pigs In A Pretzel

These pigs in a pretzel are the party appetizer you didn’t know you needed. But you do.

From: Delish

14. Potato Gratin Stacks

These cute apps seriously class up the classic casserole. Try this out for yourself as an easy dish to eat on while the turkey’s cooking.

From: Delish

15. Pastry-Wrapped Asparagus with Balsamic Dipping Sauce

Serving these pastry-wrapped asparagus with thick, herb-infused balsamic vinegar is a simple, elegant way to revamp your tried-and-true asparagus recipe.

From: Country Living

16. Roasted Asparagus and Ricotta Tart


This roasted asparagus and ricotta tart is the ultimate side dish.

From: Good Housekeeping

17. Homemade Mac and Cheese Bites

Mac and Cheese is one of the BEST comfort foods out there in my honest opinion. I’m not talking about the packaged stuff, but rather the homemade goodness. It truly is special.

From: Chief in Training

18. Crispy Loaded Hasselback Potato Bites

Dig in to these cheesy, crispy loaded Hasselback potatoes made mini! They make perfect game day food, or a fun weeknight side.

From: The Comfort of Cooking

19. Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Appetizer

This bacon wrapped jalapeno popper recipe is so EASY and yet so delicious! If you’re having guests over try this appetizer recipe.

From: Sober Julie

20. Easy Garlic Parmesan Knots

Unbelievably easy, fool-proof, buttery garlic knots that come together in less than 20 min – it doesn’t get easier than that!

From: Damn Delicious

21. Goat Cheese-Stuffed Mini Peppers

This ridiculously easy 3-Ingredient Mini Stuffed Peppers Recipe will wow your party guests, while keeping you at ease. It’s sure to be your new go-to appetizer recipe.

From: A Spicy Perspective

22. The BEST Hot Crab Dip

Plus Hot Crab Dip is one of those special things we consider a treat reserved for special occasions making it perfect for your holiday entertaining whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas or even New Years, it’s sure to impress your company.

From: Serena Bakes

23. Sourdough Bread Bowl French Onion Soup Dip

Love melty cheesy appetizers? This French Onion Soup Dip is for you! Serve it inside a California Goldminer Sourdough Non-GMO Boule with pieces of the bread filling as dipping croutons.

From: California Gold Miner

24. Autumn Leaf Wreath Cheese Platter


This is an easy, festive way to serve cheese at a fall party. Along with fresh cranberry ginger pear relish, it’s a winner!

From: The Yummy Life

25. Brie, Apple, and Honey Crostini

This easy appetizer only takes 15 minutes to make and will be the star of any party!

From: Two Peas & Their Pod

26. Garlic Butter Smashed Sweet Potatoes With Parmesan Cheese

Garlic butter smashed sweet potatoes with parmesan cheese are crispy and buttery on the outside, while soft and sweet on the inside, making way for one of the best ways to eat a sweet potato!

From: Cafe Delites

27. Spinach Dip Bites

Spinach Dip Bites – so delicious and perfect for any party or get together. Crescent dough squares filled with lots of cheeses, garlic, spinach, and artichoke hearts.

From: Lil Luna

28. 5 Minute Pumpkin-Sage Hummus

Hummus is filled with the rich, comforting flavors of pumpkin and sage. It’s an ideal Halloween snack, Thanksgiving appetizer, or holiday hors d’oeuvre. A quick, healthy appetizer recipe that can even be made ahead! Perfect for parties, and for snacking – a healthy hummus recipe that’s great anytime! If you’re looking for pumpkin recipes, this is a must-try!

From: Two Healthy Kitchens

And that’s it this round…

I hope you enjoyed these delicious recipes and found something that you’re going to try ASAP. I’m ALWAYS looking for something tasty to make, so if you have any ideas, let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much! Have a wonderfully fantastic day!

And don’t forget to share your favorites on Pinterest!

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