30 Addicting Snack Mix Recipes: Yummy Munchies

Snack Mix recipes are a great grab and go foods that take little time to make. Their the perfect home snacks, party snacks, and gifts for friends and neighbors. Enjoy!

1. Spicy Nuts (Paleo + Whole30)


Do you struggle with snack ideas? We do sometimes, but have found that keeping it simple is usually key. These spicy nuts are a Paleo friendly way to enjoy mixed nuts.

From: Real Simple Good

2. Ranch Chex Mix


We’ve loaded our zesty Ranch Chex Mix with seasoned pretzels, peanuts, Chex cereal, and a variety of crackers. This insanely easy ranch snack mix is tossed with mustard powder, ranch seasoning, and melted butter then baked in the oven for 30 minutes until crunchy and golden brown.

From: Swanky Recipes

3. High Protein Cheerio Trail Mix


High protein, nutrient dense snack for busy families on the go.

From: Krolls Corner

4. Frito Snack Mix


This Frito Snack Mix is some pretty addicting stuff. It’s a mix of Fritos corn chips, Chex cereal, pretzels and nuts. Those are all combined with a sweet syrup, then baked, and then mixed with M&M’s. Watch the video showing you how to make Frito Snack Mix, then scroll to the bottom of this post and print out the recipe so you can make it at home!

From: Recipe Girl

5. Black Forest Trail Mix


My Super Simple Black Forest Trail Mix is full of protein and nutrient rich nuts and dried fruit like cherries and hazelnuts and just a bit of dark chocolate—the perfect combination of salty and sweet! Get the recipe on MealPlanningMagic.com

From: Meal Planning Magic

6. Roasted Chickpea Snack


Crunchy cinnamon oven roasted chickpeas with dried cherries, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate. Sweet, spicy, and so addictive! Easy, packed with super foods, and high protein, it’s the perfect on-the-go healthy snack recipe!

From: Well Plated

7. Healthy Trail Mix


This Healthy Trail Mix is the perfect on-the-go snack to keep your appetite at bay. My kids even love it as an afternoon snack!

From: Mom Spotted

8. Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix Recipe (Peanut-Free)


Snackers unite! This Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix Recipe is peanut-free and a delicious snack to tuck away for a morning hike or an afternoon pick me up.

From: In Katrina’s Kitchen

9. Crock Pot Chunky Monkey Paleo Trail Mix


Crock Pot Chunky Monkey Paleo Trail Mix! A healthy, gluten-free trail mix that will definitely give you energy, whether actually on a trail or snacking on the go! This chunky monkey paleo trail mix recipe is one that you can make easy in a slow cooker!

From: Cotter Crunch

10. Easy Sweet and Salty Granola Recipe


This healthy sweet and salty granola has more of a trail mix kind of feel. I included slightly salted natural peanuts, unsweetened banana chips (my downfall!) and some dairy free chocolate chips. In less than 25 minutes, my apartment smelled AMAZING! Plus my taste buds were in a frenzy over all the sweet and salty goodness!

From: Super Healthy Kids

11. Banana Cream Pie Muddy Buddies


If you are a fan of Banana Cream… this is a perfect snack idea.

From: Butter with a Side of Bread

12. The Most Addicting Homemade Snack Mix


This is seriously a great snack mix that is so easy to make. It’s so good it’ll make you forget to eat dinner.

From: How Sweet Eats

13. Lucky Charms Snack Mix


Easiest snack mix ever! This salty sweet treat is full of Lucky Charms cereal, mint M&M’s, salty pretzels, buttery popcorn, and all topped with melted white chocolate!

From: The Salty Marshmallow

14. Praline Pecan Crunch Snack Mix


Guys, meet praline pecan crunch snack mix, otherwise known as party crack.

From: Tina’s Chic Corner

15. Caramel Churro Chex Mix


From: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

16. Whopper Chex


Chex Mix is a classic. Puppy chow is also a classic. This Whopper Chex Mix capitalizes on those classics…and makes them even better! Whoppers, marshmallows, chocolate…a few of my favorite things. All smooshed up into one great snack. Always great for parties and movie night.

From: Nellie Bellie

17. Mom’s Secret Christmas Eve Chex Mix


A classic mix with a twist, this trail mix is great for Fall and Winter seasons. Just picture it, watching some Christmas movies, wrapped up in a blanket, munching on this great mix.

From: Half-Baked Harvest

18. Cupcake Puppy Chow


Addicting snack mix that tastes like cupcake batter! Made without cake mix.

From: Sally’s Baking Addiction

19. Ranch Snack Mix with Oyster Crackers


Enough with the Chex Mix! A homemade snack mix is a nice alternative to having bowls of pretzels, chips or a store bought snack mix sitting out at your party. It’s just something a little different and it’s so easy to make….and much cheaper!

From: The Common Plate

20. Maple Pumpkin Fall Harvest Trail Mix


The maple pumpkin fall harvest trail mix recipe is salty, spicy, and sweet and is the perfect healthy homemade snack recipe for road trips or after school activities.

From: Slim Pickin’s Kitchen

21. Ridiculously Addicting Toffee Chex Mix Recipe


Sweet, salty and totally addictive, our recipe for toffee Chex mix will become a mainstay in your pantry. It’s the perfect snack for kids and adults alike!

From: Everyday Dishes

22. Caramel Cinnamon Chex Mix


Brown sugar and Cinnamon Sugar makes everything better! Got a good chex mix recipe? Well this one is probably better because it has the sweetness of those two!

From: Six Sister’s Stuff

23. Fall Festive Puppy Chow Snack Mix


Puppy chow snack mix gets a festive twist with pumpkin spices and candy pumpkins.

From: Sally’s Baking Addiction

24. Sweet & Salty Fall Chex Mix


A new twist on party snack mix includes white chocolate, Chex cereal, fall M&M’s, candy corn, and pretzel sticks for a Halloween-inspired treat (even though Halloween has passed).

From: Wishes and Dishes

25. Smores Snack Mix


Make this 4 ingredient smores mix that will satisfy your craving for one of the best fall treats!

From: Three Kids and a Fish

26. Caramel Nut Snack Mix


Caramel Nut Snack Mix combines nuts, Chex cereal, and M&Ms to make a tasty and crunch snack mix that the whole family will love!

From: Butter with a Side of Bread

27. Harvest Caramel Corn


Harvest Caramel Corn is a great Fall treat or Thanksgiving dessert the features salty popcorn, creamy caramel and sweet chocolate. So very delicious and easy to make!

From: Two Sisters Crafting

28. Sweet & Salty Cranberry Snack Mix


Sweet & Salty Cranberry Snack Mix is a party favorite filled with buttery cinnamon Chex Mix, yogurt covered pretzels, dried cranberries and mixed nuts.

From: The Creative Bite

29. Fall Harvest Chex Mix


This Fall Harvest Chex Mix is a wonderful snack! It’s a version of Chex mix that has a bit of sweetness and a bit of spiciness to make your fall complete!

From: Cooking with Libby

30. Harvest Hash Trail Mix


Delicious blend of salty and sweet. Recipe for Harvest Hash, a Halloween Trail Mix. Perfect for a Fall snack, Halloween party, or gift for neighbors.

From: House of Hendrix

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