22 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids: Cute & Spooky

Last minute scramble to find a simple costume idea for your kid? Never fear! Here are some cute and funny costumes that will make your kid the star of the show Halloween night!

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1. “Where’s Waldo” Costume in less than an hour


Grab a white Tshirt, a little bit of red/white fleece and felt, some round glasses (the plastic Harry Potter ones at party stores work great)……and you’ve got yourself a costume in less than an hour to make!

From: Make it & Love it

2. Fluffy White Cloud Costume


This costume is really fun to make and would work amazing for an adult costume too. Plus it is fun to work with your hands and get a little messy. Find the tips below for making a cloud costume of your own.

From: Oh Happy Day

3. Homemade Mr. Rogers


Here’s an easy and inexpensive idea for a Halloween costume. The idea is great for little kids who aren’t that excited about dressing up yet – and you can probably use clothing items they already have in their closet.

From: Oh Happy Day

4. Hipster


Maybe your kid won’t quite get it, but you and your friends can have a good laugh with your newly pretentious kid walking around. Have him talk about Sufjan Stevens or Bon Iver and you’ll do great.

From: Oh Happy Day

5. Lana Del Rey


If you don’t know who Lana Del Rey is, then obviously you’re not a hipster. She’s a free-flowing vocalist that has a simple sense of style.

From: Brit + Co

6. Morton Salt Girl


Look familiar? Maybe you’ve got a little illustration of this girl in your kitchen. It’ll be a fun time trying to get your friends to figure out where they recognize this costume from. Plus, it’s really simple!

From: Brit + Co

7. Rosie the Riveter


A cute little reference to the 1943 wartime propaganda poster that promotes #femalepower. Have fun!

From: Brit + Co

8. Finding Nemo Costume (+ Family Costume DIY Ideas)


All it takes is some orange clothes, paint and tulle to bring the world’s most famous clown fish to life.

From: Brit + Co

9. Mummy


Booo! This is a super super simple idea for a great mummy costume. What else would you add to this costume to make it even more cute?

From: Divine.ca

10. Carl from the movie Up


Got a grumpy little old man of a toddler? Maybe not? Either way, this is the cutest little kid costume that really doesn’t take that long to put together. This costume is perfect if you’ve got a golden retriever to play Dug!

From: Divine.ca

11. Audrey Hepburn


Classy and stylish! Dress your little girl as the classiest Hollywood actress to ever grace the silver screen. All it takes is a black dress and some fake jewelry.

From: Divine.ca

12. Zombie Baby


From: Divine.ca

13. Mad Scientist


From: Divine.ca

14. Apple Juice Box


From: Babble

15. Little Mime


SHHHHHH! It’s a mime trapped in a box! This one’s cute and you should be able to find any of the pieces of the costume at your local Goodwill!

From: Babble

16. Scuba Diver Halloween Costume


Okay so who knew that you could make such an easy costume out of 2 liter soda bottles? This scuba diver Halloween costume takes 1.5 – 2 hours at the most to make which includes drying time.

From: Design Dazzle

17. Octopus Costume


Make this adorable DIY Octopus Costume for your sea loving creature in under an hour and for less than $25!

From: Giggles Galore

18. Statue of Liberty Costume


Looking for a last minute Halloween Costume idea? How about showing some good old fashioned American pride with the Statue of Liberty costume?! With no sewing involved, this costume can be thrown together in less than 20 minutes.

From: Sewing Rabbit

19. Despicable Me Minions


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen these minions all over the internet and real world. People are obsessed with them! I’ll admit it, they’re cute.

From: One Creative House Wife

20. Bumble Bee Costume


This one’s a classic and it’s incredibly simple to make!

From: Fiskars

21. Duct Tape Skeleton


This is the perfect last minute costume for the kids or even for yourself. I think it would be fun to try it with some glow in the dark duct tape too. Wouldn’t that look rad walking around the neighborhood on Halloween?

From: And We Play

22. Rain Cloud


This costume has a fun big, fluffy grey cloud that you wear on your head and felt rain drops that shower down from the cloud.

From: Make it & Love it

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