22 DIY Shelves That’ll Make You A Professional Carpenter

Organizing is great, but sometimes storage systems can seem just as cluttered as the clutter itself. Here are some great shelf ideas that will de-clutter your home and add a literal flair to your home’s decor. Check them out!

Image Article From: Lotts and Lots

1. Ikea Hack Stikwood Headboard


A simple Ikea Hack DIY wooden headboard to make a big statement: a wooden plank headboard is exactly what your bedroom needs for a polished touch!

From: Sugar and Cloth

2. Vertical Geometric Shelf

etagere d angle design Élégante Les meilleures idées d étag¨res d angle Déconome

This DIY project is about installing some 12-inch plywood on the corner walls using some pocket screws. But, you have to get imaginative with the installation pattern as it is what makes the shelves look attractive.

From: Fool4Peppers

3. Floating Plant Shelves from a Birch Wood Round


This is a simple way to mount your cute succulents anywhere you want in your house! Check out the tutorial for more pictures!

From: Fall For DIY

4. Fixer Upper Pipe Shelving Tutorial


Adding some industrial style pipe shelving to a space is a great way to get an industrial farmhouse feel. You see them frequently on Fixer Upper – and if it’s good enough for Joanna Gaines, it’s good enough for you and me!

From: Unoriginal Mom

5. Hoop Shelf (make in 1 hour)


This Hoop Shelf is a simple and elegant solution if you are wanting to introduce a round shelf to a space in your home– and it cost less than 20 bucks to make.

From: A Beautiful Mess

6. Mounted Shelving Unit


The great thing about customized shelving is that you can craft it around the space you have. This plan will create SO MUCH SPACE for you in whatever room you put it in. Plus, it actually looks good.

From: Almost Makes Perfect



I love the look of unfinished wood and the simplicity and strength of rope cord. The result is a simple design that makes a big impact in your space!

From: Why Don’t You Make Me?



If you want to display your succulent planters in a unique way and do it on a budget, this floating shelf idea is for you! Have fun with this one!

From: Hometalk

9. Circle Shelf


Sometimes you find the most beautiful shelves… only to realize they cost $200. That’s a no. But luckily, with a few materials and a free afternoon, you can create something even better for a whole lot less!

From: The Joshua Tree House

10. Easy Hanging Rope Shelf


Make a shelving system that can be hung from only two hooks! This a quick and easy solution which you could be placing stuff on today.

From: Bloglovin’

11. DIY Hanging Rope Shelves


These shelves cost almost nothing to make but can utterly transform your space. Click the link below to find out how they did it and how you can do it too!

From: A Pair & A Square

12. Rustic Wood and Leather Hanging Shelf


For less than $15, you can create a rustic and almost farmhouse look to your house with recycled belts. Nothing beats leather and weathered wood.

From: Design Sponge

13. Hanging Planter Shelf


Succulent plants add a little nature to your home. They really bring it to life. And this DIY hanging shelf project is a really fun way to display those plants!

From: Curbly

14. Floating Corner Shelves


Using shelving is a great way to organize and de-clutter a space. We all know that. But beyond that, what if you had such a great house design, that people asked you about your shelves. That’s what people will be doing if you install any of these designs into your home!

From: A Beautiful Mess

15. DIY Turnbuckle Shelf


Learn how to make these easy DIY Turnbuckle Shelves! They’re the hottest trend In Farmhouse Decor right now with an industrial twist.

From: Lolly Jane

16. Salvaged Wood Shelf


Got some old wood or know where to find some? Instead of throwing it away, making it into something new and helpful like this shelf!

From: Lotts and Lots

17. Hexagon Shape Shelves (+ Other Shapes)


Add some geometric shapes to your wall. It’s modern, it’s sleek, and that’s exactly what you want people to think of your home. And they will, if you add some of these shelves to your walls. It’s that simple.


18. House-shaped Shelving


This house shaped shelving is cute AND practical. What more can you ask for? Maybe a few more shelving ideas…

From: Burkatron

19. Reclaimed DIY Cubby Shelf


This one requires a bit of carpentry, but don’t let that stop you! Isn’t the end product worth it. Think about how proud of yourself you’ll be every time you walk by this shelf that you made with your own hands. That’s worth a splinter or two in my book.

From: The House of Wood

20. Floating Shelf with Built-in Light


There are a lot of steps to this DIY, but don’t let that scare you away. It’s not as hard as it looks! And if you’re a novice at wiring, then this project is the perfect place to start (and, might we add, it’s a skill that comes in super handy). So go ahead and give it a try.

From: Coco Kelley

21. West Elm Inspired Ladder Bookshelf


From: Cinsarah

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