Upcycled Halloween Decorations

Halloween’s just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend copious amounts of money on decorations! Instead, use what you already have lying around the house to make cute and spooky Halloween decor!

1. Recycled Pool Noodle Halloween Flameless Candle Decor

These are ominous and spooky and best of all, safe! Learn how to make these and add a little spook to your house.

From: Surviving a Teacher’s Salary

2. Halloween Crackle Chalk Paint Bottles Dollar Store Makeover

Rustic and spooky! Make these vases and flowers easily with a few supplies and things you probably have around your house!

From: The Painted Hinge

3. Recycled Plastic Trash Bag Wreath

Not only can you use trash bags for, well, trash, but also in a creative way making this recycled plastic trash bag wreath.

From: DIY Inspired

4. Halloween Body Bag from Recyclables

From: Pinterest

5. Recycled Soda Bottle Halloween Cloche

From: Recycled Crafts

6. Tin Can Bowling Activity

It is a great way to upcycle some of those old baked bean cans and turn them into a fun filled Halloween crafty afternoon followed by a great Halloween party game!

From: Party Delights

7. Halloween Tin Can Ghost Decoration

One of the things I like about this craft is, other than being super simple, it is also quick and can be completed by a kid with a little help.

From: Faithfully Free

8. DIY Pallet Coffin

Halloween is wonderful excuse for getting my hands dirty and starting up a new project. To start out your Halloween in your home, go with a creepy old coffin made from pallets.

From: Instructables

9. Leftover Coffee K-Cups Decorations

You can’t recycle K-cups in the usual way, but now you can repurpose them for a fun decoration this Halloween season! Good job thinking outside the box!

From: HomeTalk

10. Tissue Box Monsters

These are honestly more “cute” than spooky, but that could be the perfect fit for your kid’s Halloween party! And here’s the thing, you can use the tissue boxes that are already around your house!

From: Giggles Galore

11. 5 Minute Craft: Toilet Roll Bat Buddies


This Halloween craft for kids couldn’t be any easier and, goofy or spooky the kids can let their marker filled hands decide.

From: Mollymoo

12. Eyeball Flowers

These are terrifying and unsettling. Just buy some fake flowers from a craft store and fake eyeballs from a Halloween store, and glue the eyeballs inside the flowers. You get these weird things. Make sure the flowers are dark to add to the Halloween effect.

From: HerCampus

13. DIY Wall Spider Web

You can make a spider web with just some yarn and tape. BONUS: Write messages in the spider web, like a haunted Charlotte’s Web.

From: Guff

14. DIY Glowing Eyes

Cut some eye holes in some old toilet paper rolls and stick a glow stick inside. Instant spook!

From: Guff

15. DIY Halloween Junk Drawer Pumpkins

DIY Halloween decorations do not have to be expensive. If you’re like me, you save just about everything! You never know when you might need it for a future project, right? I have a clear plastic tote labeled “what-nots” that I throw all of these extras in. Grab your “what-not” box or junk drawer and some wood scraps, and you’ll have everything you need to make your own recycled pumpkins.

From: Diva of DIY

16. Easy DIY Trash Bag Spiderwebs

It’s just unfortunate that Halloween decorations are so darn expensive when you can easily make a lot of them from cheap materials you probably already have at home…. hence, DIY TRASH BAG SPIDERWEBS! They really do look pretty cool in a window, especially with a few little creepy spiders crawling on them.

From: Fast Forward Fun

17. Milk Jug Skeleton

It’s adorable, and something that will be a fun, long-lasting project to make with your kids.

From: MakeZine

18. DIY Ghost Halloween Candy Bowl Holder from Vintage Barrel Stand

No more stooping over to pick up the candy bowl every time the doorbell chimes- my back is already thanking me. Plus, isn’t the Halloween candy bowl ghost cute? Decorative, functional, and thrifty.

From: Sadie Seasongoods

19. Magical & Free DIY Halloween Witches Broom

You can make a great looking witches broom for almost free and easily in a few minutes. There are so many creative ways to use these DIY witches broomsticks indoors or outdoors in your Halloween decorations or Harry Potter themed parties: on a mantel or a shelf, as part of a Halloween wreath, garland, or a great table centerpiece, next to a planter by the door, with pumpkins, and more!

From: A Piece of Rainbow

20. DIY Halloween Tombstones from Upcycled Cereal Boxes

Learn how to craft your own DIY Halloween Tombstones using upcycled cereal boxes and add a faux graveyard to your outdoor Halloween decorations!

From: Soap Deli News Blog

21. DIY Halloween Apothecary Jars

Made from plastic medicine and vitamin bottles, and a spice tin. Boring and unremarkable containers are now something worth looking at and maybe even using again.

From: Magia Mia

22. Halloween Moon

Using a large light globe found at a thrift store, learn how to make a realistic moon globe for Halloween!

23. 10 Minute Upcycled Halloween Lanterns

Although these spooky Halloween lanterns look effective, they take no time at all to make. In fact, you could have them ready in 10 minutes from start to finish once you sit down with the few things you need. Oh, and I find little lanterns like these a great way to recycle glass jars.

From: Le Coin de Mel

24. Hanging Cage Halloween Prop

These easy hanging Halloween props use mostly Dollar Store materials and can be made for about $5 each. They are fun to make and look great indoors or outdoors, so grab some supplies and hang a few around your house this Halloween!

From: The Navage Patch

25. DIY Poison Bottles for a Spooky Halloween

From: Sadie Seasongoods

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