42 Modern Kitchen Ideas You’ll Dream About (+ DIY Tips)

Maybe you can’t completely reconstruct your kitchen, but these are a few great ideas to strive for.

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How Can You Do This to Your Kitchen?

So, pretty great, right? But you’re probably thinking, How in the world am I going to pull that off? The truth is, not many of us are able to fully redesign our kitchens. I wish! But that can’t stop us from being inspired by these beautiful designs and taking a little from each to make something of our own!

Here are a few takeaways:

  • Marble countertops will add so much to your house just by installing them. They’re basically chic white, which we all already know is the prime color choice of the 21st century decor.
  • Is wood paneling back? I think so! Matched with a solid color, wood counters can add a nice texture to your design.
  • Hide your appliances! A first step to cleaning up your kitchen is to hide your toaster and coffee machine as much as possible. If you’re interested in making some appliance garages yourself, here’s a tutorial on how to do that.
  • Stay simple — always!

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