24 Cute Fall Wreaths: Feeling Festive

Wreaths are a great way to get festive as the holidays roll in! But that doesn’t mean you have to stay traditional. Here are some unique DIY ideas for customizing your own wreath for any holiday…

Article Image From: Joanna Kosinska, Unsplash

1. Acorn Fall Wreath

Jump right into the Autumn season with this crisp and cozy fall wreath for little cost! This is my favorite time of the year and this just immerses you into it even more.

From: Tried & True

2. 30-Minute Farmhouse Wreath for Under $10

A sweet farmhouse wreath for just $10 in less than 30 minutes! A beautiful wreath is always a perfect finishing touch!

From: DIY Beautify

3. Pumpkin Wreath

Autumn is the perfect time to try your hand at making a pumpkin wreath for your door. Julie from Julie’s wreaths Boutique is here today to show you how!

From: Grillo Designs

4. Grapevine Wreath (from Wild Vines in Your Backyard)

How many times have you purchased a grapevine wreath? I know I have purchased many. They are not very expensive, and they work well with so many projects. However, did you know you can make a wild grapevine wreath from vines you may have growing in your backyard?

From: Heart and Vine

5. Coffee Filter Wreath

For this wreath I used the natural, unbleached filters. These filters can be found most anywhere. I found them at Walmart, but most grocery stores carry them.

From: Recaptured Charm

6. Yarn Pom-Pom Wreath

If you are a maker, you know the joy that comes with the completion of a craft project you have always wanted to do and then have done it well. It’s unlike any other feeling. Just seeing it and knowing the labor of love that went into creating it makes my heart truly happy.

From: Mom Advice

7. DIY Eucalyptus Wreath

I knew what eucalyptus smelled like, but I never knew what the plant actually looked like. Right then, I discovered my new plant love!  I ended up with this amazing custom greenery wreath that is so much easier to create than it looks.

From: Keys to Inspiration

8. Fall Leaves Door Wreath

Decorate your front door for fall with this gorgeous fall leaves wreath for $0! You’ll save money and storage space… plus the biodegradable wreath can be throw it away at the end of the season with no guilt.

From: Bren Did

9. Fresh Magnolia Mixed Branch Wreath

This is a resourceful and recycled way to make a lovely Fall season wreath! Take branches of all kinds and put them together to make something beautiful.

From: Darling Darleen

10. Fall Hoop Wreath

I love how fun, unique, festive and inexpensive it can be to create a new wreath to adorn your door! It can help your front door feel welcoming, inviting and it is such an easy way to decorate for any season!

From: Simply Designing

11. Pinecone Wreath

How to make a wreath is always exciting when you start with organic materials. Did you think pinecones are only for winter crafts? Well, pinecones are more than that! If you’ve been looking for a creative wreath for your spring or fall home take a look at this wreath tutorial to see how you can customize your own!

From: How to Make a Burlap Wreath

12. Faux Boxwood Wreath

It’s easy to spend $50-$75 per wreath. Ummm that’s expensive! Instead, make your own wreath fro about $15! See how in the link below.

From: The Whole Cook

13. Easy Fall Wreath

This easy fall wreath will make you want to do even more DIY Fall crafts since it’s so simple to create your own.

From: 2 Bees in a Pod

14. Pottery Barn Knock Off Faux Succulent Wreath

The second I saw this sweet little wreath on the Pottery Barn website I knew I wanted one. But $99? Whaaaa? As if. So I whipped up this knock off for about half the price of the original. And it looks pretty darn close, I think? But you be the judge…

From: The Happy Housie

15. Beautiful Orange and Red Berries Fall Wreath

Make this easy DIY Fall Wreath featuring orange and red berries for a gorgeous Fall addition to your front door. It’s quick to make in just 15 minutes!

From: To Simply Inspire

16. Sunflower Wreath

If  you’re too busy to make a wreath, maybe you’d rather just order it from another woman that makes beautiful wreaths! This one is for you!

From: Etsy

17. Fall Mickey Mouse

If you’re an obsessive fan of Disney like me, then this fall wreath is definitely for you! Spend an afternoon and you’ll have yourself a Disney-themed wreath!

From: Wanderings of Claire

18. Halloween Ribbon

Booooo! Halloween is near! If you still haven’t decorated your house for Halloween, here’s a simple way you can add a little festivity into your home!

From: A Pop of Pretty

19. Rustic Fall Wreath

Summer is almost over and soon we’ll be bundled up in warm sweaters dreaming of pumpkin spice lattes! I know it’s hard to get in the mood when it’s still triple digits outside but here’s a fun and easy rustic DIY fall wreath you can start picking up supplies for so that your porch is ready when Autumn hits.

From: Crafts Unleashed

20. Faux Hydrangea Fall Wreath

This DIY fall wreath is so simple, I’m hesitant to even share it with you! But I’ve had friends who’ve seen it that think they can’t make it, so I’ll spill my easy secrets. It is SO easy and doable. Don’t be intimidated at all!

From: The Turquoise Home

21. Burlap & Yarn for Fall

This is an easy to follow guide to making a lovely rustic fall wreath DIY.

From: Crafts Unleashed

22. Simple Spring Greenery Wreath

There’s something about a fresh wreath that gets us really excited about the new season! This one is so simple, the entire project can be completed in under fifteen minutes.

From: Magnolia

23. Bittersweet & Burlap Wreath

A classic Fall wreath with a nice farmhouse look. If you’re the type to go crazy over burlap and tweed, then maybe this is the one for you.

From: On Sutton Place

24. DIY Spring Wreath


Fall decorating is in full swing and adding those natural elements is a nice finishing touch. This is one of those easy projects that’s so rewarding when it’s finished.

From: Fox Hollow Cottage

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