21 Kitchen Organizing Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Let’s be honest, even with the best of intentions, it’s easy for our kitchens to become a cluttered mess. Here are a few hacks that will show you how to use the most of your space and make the least mess!

Article Image From: My Scandinavian Home

1. Towel Rack Holder for Pot Lids

From: GlamShelf

2. Tension Rod Dish Separator

Use tension rods to hold cutting boards and cookie sheets upright and save space on shelves.

From: Apartment Therapy

3. Utensil Rack

Organise your kitchen cooking essentials with this super easy DIY utensil rack tutorial!

From: Grillo Designs

4. Suspended Copper Pipe Paper Towel Holder

This DIY is simple enough for me or anyone to put together, so don’t let the materials scare you off.

From: Squirrelly Minds

5. Custom Wooden Drawer Organizer

Everyone has “that drawer” in their kitchen. The one that you use constantly and is also a complete disaster. And every time you open it you think, “Ugh, I should really organize this drawer!” For this project, forget what you know about “custom,” because these wooden drawer organizers were super budget friendly and the results were amazing!

From: Keys to Inspiration

6. Paper Towel Cubby

For a discrete and convenient paper towel roll location, remove a drawer and install a paper towel holder in its place.

From: Southern Living

7. Pegboard Pan Holder

This is a simple fix, but you will never go back once you try this. It’s such a space saver!

From: Rice Design Blog

8. Burner Covers

If you have a tiny kitchen and covet just a little more counter space, then come along with us as we show you how we created our cozy burner covers.

From: kitchn

9. Beans, Pasta, and Rice Dispensers

From: GlamShelf

10. Over-the-Sink Dishrack

It’s difficult to have the space to put drying dishes and above the sink is usually unused! This is an easy tutorial and it’s a good look too!

From: Instructables

11. Pull-Out Pantry

A tutorial for how to build a solid pull out pantry that fits in the space beside your fridge! This rolling cupboard will save you space and holds more than just a spice rack.

From: DIY Passion

12. Magnetic Spice Rack

I never knew this was even a thing, but it’s so helpful and it’s always within an arms grasp. This is a simple tutorial that I would be interested in seeing someone take and branch out beyond just spice racks…

From: The House on Stanford

13. Hanging Mason Jar Storage

Steal this DIY idea from Shannon Quimby’s recycled kitchen featured in HGTV Magazine by following her step-by-step guide.

From: HGTV

14. Trash Bags on a Roll

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, the space all of us have under our kitchen sink is pretty much the same. Most of us keep trash bag rolls under the kitchen sink. I was struggling to keep my rolls together and within reach in this tiny space. So I decided to DIY myself a little trash bag organizer. Check it…

From: Simply Organized

15. Appliance Garage

Nothing spoils the look of a beautiful kitchen like a countertop cluttered with small appliances. Furthermore, nothing is more annoying than dragging the toaster out of a cabinet every morning for a crispy English muffin. Should you desire to have your cake and eat it too, (wow we’re really in the kitchen now), then building this DIY-friendly appliance garage is a must.

From: Build Basic

16. Kitchen Dish Soap Cake Stand

This is the perfect DIY that matches utility and design. As a bonus, it’s really cheap to make yourself!

From: Natalie Wright

17. Organized Kitchen Counter Cabinet

The “stash and dash” cabinet only works for so long. This tutorial will only take an afternoon and it will save you hours of rummaging through your cabinets to find the lid to your bowl.

From: iHeart Organizing

18. Undersink Cabinet Organizer

If your sink looks like the “before” pick (which it most likely does, let’s be honest), you NEED this tutorial. It’s not the most flattering thing, but your future you will be so grateful.

From: The Kim Six Fix

19. Chalkboard Measuring Cabinet

This is a great reference tool for measuring, but it’s also a super easy organizing project that puts your measuring spoons and cups right at your fingertips.

From: Modish & Main

20. S-Hooks and Towel Rack Utensil Holder

This isn’t anything special material-wise, but I’ve never thought about doing this! This tutorial is simple and you may already have the tools at your home.

From: My Scandinavian Home

21. Utensil Slider Cabinet

Why don’t these come pre-installed in homes today? I’d much rather this than a messy drawer.

From: GlamShelf

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