29 Minimalist Bathrooms You’ll Want to Live In

Less is more. It’s true in bathrooms too. If you feel like your bathroom is always cluttered with stuff you don’t even use, here’s some inspiration to what you bathroom could look like…

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1. White Tile Bathroom with Black Accent


It’s well-known that white is the way to go in a minimalist bathroom. But it’s not everyday you see it with a black accent! This is a must try.

From: hmdcr.com

2. Stealthy Sliding Cabinet Door


I’ve never seen this in a bathroom before and I’m confused why! This is such a great way to have A TON of storage space while still keep your bathroom simple and clean.

From: hmdcr.com

3. Hexagon Tiled White Walls with Plants and Tan/Black Accents


Growing up, I wasn’t a fan of tile. Boy, was I wrong! The hexagon tiled walls gives this bathroom look a sleek and textured design that I’m in LOVE with. Plus, the added green plants and wood shelves gives a pop of color that warms up this monochromatic palette up.

From: hmdcr.com

4. Simple White with Natural Accent


This is a simple take! White, white, white with a touch of nature with the log and plant! Now what I’m wondering is how they got that log to not rot when wet….

From: hmdcr.com

5. Nordic Ultra Minimalist Marble Bathroom


This is about as minimalist a bathroom as you can possible have, but I love it! The Marble adds a chic look to this Slavic-styled bathroom. I can almost see myself taking a salt bath in that peach-pastel bath now.

From: hmdcr.com

6. Wood Paneling and Charcoal Tiles


If you’re a fan of darker, richer tones this one is for you! I love the bowl-styled sink and wood palette mats.

From: hmdcr.com

7. Sleek Minimalist Bathroom with White and Light Wood


Sometimes it’s weird to think of a toilet as being “aesthetically pleasing”, but I mean… I guess there’s always a first! I would never want to leave this bathroom. Matched with the sliding cabinet, this bathroom would be perfect!

From: hmdcr.com

8. Homey White, Brown, and Green Minimalist Bathroom


This is the perfect Instagram-able bathroom for all you artsy influencer types. I love the hanging vines.

From: hmdcr.com

9. Square White Tile Minimalist Bathroom


Some might think the tile here is too boxy, but to me it adds a great texture to the room. More importantly! I’m SHOCKED to say that I actually really love the concrete bathroom floor look. Not only does the texture of it look good, but the coldness in morning on my feet would surely wake me up!

From: Hunker

10. Bohemian Minimalist Bathroom


This ones a little busier, but still kept to essentials while showing some flair!

From: Hunker

11. Concrete Floor and Marble Counter


If you’d have told me that I’d be posting a picture of a bathroom with concrete floors today, I would’ve said you were crazy. But seriously, am I the only one who thinks this looks really good?

From: Hunker

12. White, Grey, and Apple Store-Colored Wood


This is a very modern look that just looks like a breath of fresh air. It also reminds me of the Apple Store a bit. Just me? Okay.

From: Hunker

13. Small Tile, Plants, and Concrete Floors


A really nice look that is minimalist that also has SO much texture. Shake up your bathroom with this open and clean inspo.

From: Domino

14. Pink and Blue Cotton Candy Minimalism


If you’re someone who has a crazy side (don’t we all?), then maybe you want to try out this bathroom idea! Just because you want your bathroom to be minimalist, doesn’t mean you can’t show some of your personality.

From: Domino

15. White Tile with Black Accents and Plants


Very similar to some of the others. Just so clean and simple! I love the faucet in this one.

From: Domino

16. Hexagon White Tile with Black Bath Tub


I really like the look of these bathtubs. They shouldn’t work, but they do and they’re so simple.

From: Domino

17. White on White with Large Window for Natural Light


While it’s not something you can necessarily DIY, the big open window can serve as a great view AND lets in a copious amount of natural light, which makes the minimalist white theme thrive.

From: Domino

18. Chic White Tile with Baby Blue Highlights


Much like the other bathrooms we’ve seen, but the blue POPS out at us in beautiful way. Maybe I’m biased. Baby blue is my favorite color.

From: Domino

19. Monochromatic Contrast


Hard lines and deep contrast can serve a timeless look. This minimalist style isn’t difficult to achieve — after all, it’s only two colors. But having an eye for balance is helpful!

From: Domino

20. White Tile with Wood


Simple and sweet. You get the sleek white look with the rich tones of the stained wood. What more could you ask for?

From: Domino

21. Black Tile Floors with White Tile Walls


This is a look! I’ve never tried the black tile like this, but I really like how good it looks while still adding some contrast to the white-prominent design.

From: Domino

22. White on White on White on White (with some Greens)


Nice and clean and simple.

From: Apartment Therapy

23. White with Dark Brown Tones


White prominent per usual, but the brown rug and counter legs brings out a nice tone. I also like the darker-than-usual plant to add some texture.

From: Apartment Therapy

24. White Marble and Light Brown Paneling


White marble is nice. I recommend getting it in any way you can. On the countertops, on the walls, as an iPhone case, a laptop case, whatever!

From: Contemporist

25. White on White with Glass Doors


In order to not stick out from your all-white theme, getting glass doors for your shower with metal rods fits right in.

From: Contemporist

26. White on Tan Marble


From: Contemporist

27. White Tile with Black Accent


The black accent works here to draw attention rather than hide the appliances not usually put on display.

From: Contemporist

28. White with Wood Accents


As you can guess, there are common elements to the “minimalist bathroom”. White everything and highlighting with wood and black.

From: Contemporist

29. White with Faded Wood


From: Contemporist

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