20 Modern Lighting DIYs to Liven Any Room

Everyone has that one room that’s always a little too dark for some reason. For me, that’s my living room. Or, maybe you just like being creative! Either way, you should check out these really neat lighting DIYs to try in your home!

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1. How to Make a Spectacular Floor Log Lamp

You may have wood logs available around you, or maybe a wood part too big to put in a fireplace… Make this amazing wood floor lamp as indoor or outdoor lighting!

From: iDLights

2. DIY Leather Pendant Light

. This is a pretty quick DIY once you’ve gathered all of your material and I love how it looks in this corner of my little apartment. If you’re a lover of leather and a fan of the pendant light craze – this may be the perfect DIY light for you!

From: Poppytalk

3. My Finished DIY Pendant Light

If you’re looking to modernize your home with a bit of chic lighting fixtures, maybe this tutorial is for you. And luckily for us, it’s not time consuming or grooling to create yourself!

From: Made by Girl

4. How to Make a DIY Bottle Lamp

Basically you could make an lamp from just about anything. That’s great news for those of us who love unique lamps and lighting with character but don’t always like the price tags. In this tutorial, a glass water jug is used to ad a lot of character to any room it’s in!

From: The Inspired Room

5. Upcycled Camera Desk Lamp

In this Instuctables how-to you can see how you can turn any old camera into a lamp with changeable light bulbs. Even though the tutorial only shows one type of camera, the process is fairly similar for any old film camera

From: Instructables

6. How to Use Plastic Bottles to Make Concrete Pendant Lamps

Let’s face it, designer lighting can cost a pretty penny. Instead of spending your tax refund on a brand new ceiling lamp, make yourself an entire set of stylish concrete pendant lights with a single bag of concrete mix and some old plastic bottles.

From: Brit + Co

7. How to Make an Industrial Light Fixture


This light will add an industrial feel to your warm home, which is definitely something worth experimenting with. This tutorial provide all the details you need to make one of your own.

From: Love Create Celebrate

8. How to Upcycle Vintage Cake Tins to Light Fixtures

These upcycled cake tin lights are the first step to a farmhouse kitchen transformation. A little paint goes a long way, as do little touches like new to me light fixtures.

From: Adventures of Mel

9. How to Build Wall Light Fixtures: DIY Wood Wall Sconces


Tired of your wall light fixtures and you want to change them? I know how you feel and that’s exactly why we decided to DIY Wood Wall Sconces!

From: The DIY Dreamer

10. How to Use a Barn Pulley to Make a Wall-Mount Light Fixture


Create a unique sconce—based on a commercial industrial-look fixture—for a fraction of the cost!

From: This Old House

11. How to Create a Light Fixture Out of Jars

If you follow my blog (which you should!!), then you know how much I love mason jars. I don’t care if it’s cliche in our community — they’re just great. These lights are simple and give me a very boho vibe. If that’s the look you’re going for, this tutorial is for you!

From: Woon Blog (Original instructions in Dutch)

12. Embroidery Hoop Orbs – Easily Make Your Own

I’ve long-loved the industrial look of wood or metal orbs, but even one picked up at Target can come with a price tag that is a little steep for such a simple piece. Wooden embroidery hoops on the other hand are rather inexpensive. And these embroidery hoop orbs are quite easy to make.

From: Home Made Lovely

13. 2 DIY Lighting Tutorials to Modernize Boob Lights

I’m just gonna dive right in and let you know that this titorial…whoops…TUTorial may make some of us feel a bit awkward. Despite that, here are two five minute, zero tool methods to help you can the ceiling cleavage in your home, and create your own, custom DIY light fixtures/DIY chandelier.

From: Heathered Nest

14. DIY Globe Pendant Lights


No one begins as an expert DIYer, so casually upcycling an old trampoline to make a porch swing might not be the project you want to tackle first. But, if you happen to have a vintage globe around that you’re thinking about tossing, reconsider!

From: House Beautiful

15. How to Make Kate’s Illuminated Canvas

Need a light to fill a usually dark room? This is a great utility and conversation starter that would work well in any foyer or any other room. And guess what’s the best part? You can make it yourself!

From: Design Sponge

16. Table Lamp from Birdcage and Lampshade

These creations from Ascète Edition are not made from repurposed items, but it can gives you the inspiration to make one on your own! (Not a tutorial)

From: Recyclart

17. Recycle Curtain Rings Into a Design Pendant Lamp

Sometimes it does not take much to create a pretty DIY lamp … Indeed, with some rings and a little paint, you can create a nice suspension that will be perfect for your interior!

From: iDLights

18. Turn PVC Pipes into Luminaries

Who doesn’t love a good lamp to add some soft light to a room? These PVC pipe lights not only add a nice glow, but cast beautiful shapes around them and add a nice touch of character too!

From: Amanda C, Hometalk

19. DIY Paint Stick Lampshade

I’ve seen some pretty cool ideas using paint stir sticks before but this DIY lampshade is amazing! It’s the perfect afternoon project to add a unique feature to your space. I’m heading off to my local DIY store right now to get some paint stir sticks so I can make one of my own.

From: A Little Craft in Your Day

20. DIY Copper and Wood Hanging Light Fixture

Lighting (well beautiful lighting) can be seriously expensive. But guess what?! It doesn’t have to be! There are so many cool components that you can find around your local hardware store that can be put together to create a serious show stopper

From: Vintage Revivals

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